India should speak against atrocities against Muhajirs in Pakistan: ‘MQM’ Leader Altaf Hussain

London: The Indian Prime Minister should also speak out against the atrocities committed by those Muhajirs who had migrated to Pakistan from India after the partition just as he had spoken out against the gruesome atrocities being committed by the Pakistani Army on the Baluch people, appealed Altaf Hussain, a leader of the Pakistani political party, ‘Muttahida Qaumi Movement’ (MQM).


The Indian Prime Minister had spoken about the attrocities committed on the people of ‘Pakistan occupied Kashmir’ (PoK) and Baluchistan. After this mention was made by the Prime Minister while addressing the nation on Independence day last year India on several occasions has  raised the question of human rights violation in ‘PoK’ and Baluchistan at an official level. This resulted in the issue of genocide and oppression being carried out in the Balochistan region, being presented at an international level for discussion. The struggle of the Baluch people demanding their independence from Pakistan has also intensified further. Against this backdrop, the ‘MQM’ leader Altaf Hussain has made an appeal to the Indian Prime Minister to present the issue concerning the atrocities being commited on the Muhajirs at an international platform.

The Indian prime minister presented the issue concerning the Baluchi people, but did not raise his voice for the  Muhajirs, complained the MQM leader Altaf Hussain who has currently taken refuge in London.

Altaf Hussain expressed his remorse by saying that their ancestors made a terrible mistake by migrating to Pakistan and that even though they were born in Pakistan, they were not considered to be Pakistani or natives. He also said that tremedous atrocities were being commited on the Muhajirs and that they were being discriminated in Pakistan. Also, the military and other security forces treated them with cruelty, India should present the issues over the attrocities, oppression and violation of human rights commited against the Muhajirs at an international level, said Hussain. Altaf Hussain made an emotional appeal to India by saying that they were their own brothers, for many centuries their ancestors had been residing on the Indian soil and that they should not forget to raise their voice against the atrocities being commited on their own people.

The descendants of the people who migrated from India to Pakistan are also termed as Muhajirs. The ‘MQM’ is recognised as a party that represents the Muhajirs. The Pakistani system has accused the party of being traitorous and has begun taking strict action against it. It is said that the Pakistani Army was successful in creating divides within the party. However, the influence of the ‘MQM’ and its cheif Altaf Hussain, has not declined, say analysts. The appeal made to India by the chief of such a party, may prove to be the cause of a major upheaval in Pakistan.

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