PoK President incites India

Muzaffarabad: Pakistan-appointed President of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), Masood Khan, has made a provocative statement against India. Masood Khan has demanded the creation of an independent country within India for minorities. He has made an inciting claim that Pakistan will recognise this new country. Pakistan has started a vitriolic campaign against India and these statements by Masood Khan too are a part of the same campaign.


PoK President incites IndiaSince the last few days, the issue of the trampling of human rights by Pakistan in PoK is being raised in the UN human rights conference. PoK activists are accusing the Pakistan military of oppressing the people of PoK and sponsoring terrorism. Moreover, these activists have appealed that India has the rights over Gilgit-Baltistan, which is claimed by Pakistan as its territory and therefore, India should annex this region. Pakistan is receiving major jolts in the UN human rights conference and countering this, Pakistan is resorting to vitriolic campaign against India.

President Masood Khan of the PoK, a puppet in the hands of the Pakistan government, demanded an independent country for minorities in India. Masood Khan also made a hurried claim that Pakistan will recognise this country. Since the last few days, Pakistan media is publishing news on similar lines and questioning their analysts whether this can create a divide in India. The Pakistani analysts, known for their ‘hate India’ stand, also have answered these childish questions, citing on some violent incidents in India in the negative. These analysts disillusioned the Pakistani media saying that such a crisis cannot be created in India at the present moment.

Still, the Pakistani media and reckless leaders like Masood Khan are dreaming of creating a divide in India by making such irresponsible statements. India divided Pakistan to form Bangladesh. As per the radicals, Pakistan also should do the same thing by offering complete support to the separatist agitations and movements in India. These radicals are conveniently ignoring that Pakistan has already made such efforts and has failed miserably on this front.

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