North Korean regime responsible for Bangladesh Bank cyber heist

Washington: The federal bank has accused North Korean hackers to be responsible for the $80 million cyber heist committed on the Bangladesh Bank accounts at the USFederal Reserve’. The US Federal bank is willing to file a charge sheet against North Korea.


Last year in the month of February, the cyber attack on the ‘Bangladesh Bank’ accounts at the Federal Reserve had been disclosed. A theft of a staggering  $81 million was committed on the ‘Bangladesh Bank’ account via this cyber attack. It was then being claimed that it was a part of cyber war. The Federal bank had taken assistance from the ‘FBI’ to investigate the cyber theft. Nevertheless, India had also displayed its willingness to assist Bangladesh in this matter.

After a year-long investigation, it has now come to the fore that the Bangladesh Bank cyber attack was carried out from North Korea. Hundreds of cyber attacks were launched on a total of 4 accounts belonging to the Bangladesh Bank from North Korea. The names of the suspects involved in this cyber heist have not been disclosed. However, the Federal bank has laid an absolute blame for the heist on the North Korean government. Meanwhile, it is also being claimed that a suspect from China had assisted the cyber theft.

In the year 2014, cyber attacks were launched in the US on the ‘Sony Pictures’ company and on a few websites that dealt with financial transactions. It had come to light that North Korea was responsible for these cyber attacks. It is said that North Korea launched the said cyber attacks to retaliate against the growing military cooperation between the US and South Korea as also to prove its cyber capabilities. However, North Korea had rebuffed all such allegations.

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