India upholds demand for investigation into coronavirus origin

New Delhi – US President Joe Biden has ordered the agencies to investigate the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic. Within a day of the announcement, India has upheld the demand for an investigation into the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic. Indian analysts have linked even the second wave of Coronavirus Pandemic to China, pointing out that the second wave of the pandemic is more intense in the countries having disputes with China. Whereas, China, upset with the US decision, has started making allegations against the United States.


Wuhan Lab Theory, Covid-19, Lab leak theory, Donald Trump, Joe Bidden, biological weapon, Gordon Chang,Anthony FauciFormer US President Donald Trump had emphasised that the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic was in the laboratory at Wuhan in China. During his tenure, Trump consistently referred to Coronavirus as Wuhan Virus. But after the change of guard in the United States, new President Biden changed the Trump policy of castigating China over the Coronavirus pandemic. The Biden administration even scrapped the inquiry into the origin of the pandemic instituted by Trump. But the international media carried reports claiming that Coronavirus is a Chinese bioweapon. After that, the repercussions of this undeniable news could be seen. Some analysts made vitriolic criticism that the US President is failing in his duty to hold China responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed more than 3.5 million lives across the globe and more than 600,000 lives in the United States. The Biden administration had to take cognisance of the criticism.

After that, the Biden administration decided to investigate the origin of the pandemic and ordered the investigation agencies to unearth the truth expeditiously. But reports are also being received that the US investigation agencies are divided over the theories regarding the origin and spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. China can derive benefits from this division. Still, China has given a vitriolic reaction against the US decision. The Chinese embassy in the United States criticised that there are political forces behind this and the politics of a blame game is being played with this. Whereas the Chinese media are attacking the United States for taking this decision. The Chinese mouthpiece, Global Times, demanded that instead of investigating China, there should be an investigation into the US Biolabs around the world.

Meanwhile, after the announcement made by the US president regarding the investigation into the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Indian foreign ministry also has demanded that there should be a thorough investigation into the origin of the pandemic. This Indian demand, without mentioning names, adds to the Chinese restlessness. The Indian foreign ministry presented the country’s stand in precise words. ‘The World Health Organisation (WHO) had conducted an inquiry and submitted a report. This is the first stage of investigation; there should be the next stage of the investigation to come to a firm conclusion.’ Criticism is rife around the globe that the inquiry conducted by the WHO was only a whitewash to absolve China of the accusations. Criticism is also being made that the WHO has lost credibility by including people who had close associations with the Wuhan laboratory in the investigation team. An Indian analyst has said that this is like fitting the murderer in investigating the same murder. The analysts have endorsed the claims that the Coronavirus pandemic is a Chinese biological war with the question ‘How did the second wave of Coronavirus Pandemic become more intense in countries with disputes with China?’

The tension between China and the United Kingdom has increased over the Hongkong issue. In the times after that, the second wave played havoc in the United Kingdom. India was in a state of freeing itself from the coronavirus pandemic, tiding over the first wave. The Indian economy also was ready to take a flight. At this precise time, the second wave hit the country. The situation festered and all this is suspicious. Therefore, the Indian analysts are confidently blaming China for the pandemic, saying that the Coronavirus is not spreading naturally.

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