US laboratory endorses Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

Washington: – The US National laboratory has accepted the possibility that the virus known as the ‘SARS-COVI-2’ could have been developed in a laboratory. The US national laboratory had reported this in the year 2020 itself; a US daily has published this report. The US National Security Advisor (NSA) had appealed to China to cooperate in the investigation into the Coronavirus pandemic. But Chinese diplomats have commented that the US accusations are as fake as the accusations levelled against Iraq, 12 years ago, of possessing weapons of mass destruction. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has given a surprising reaction that China cannot be forced to reveal more information regarding the Coronavirus.  


The former US President, Donald Trump, ordered an investigation into the Coronavirus pandemic after it started spreading. The preliminary report presented by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in California, in the United States, had expressed a possibility that the Coronavirus may have been developed in the laboratory. Two preliminary arguments had been presented for this. There are two possibilities that the Coronavirus accidentally escaped from the laboratory, or it infected an animal or a human who carried it outside the laboratory. But the report mentions that there is a need for detailed investigation into this.  

At the same time, the report also clarified that the Coronavirus is not natural and has not spread through infected bats or any other animal as, even after 18 months of the onset, no infected bats or other animals have been found. Therefore, the suspicion that China knowingly spread the Coronavirus pandemic gets endorsed. While the suspicions in this regard are getting stronger, US NSA Jake Sullivan appealed to China to cooperate in the Coronavirus investigation. However, Sullivan warned that the onus of proving that the suspicions and allegations levelled against it are false lies with China.   

But Mike Rayon, a senior official with the WHO, has clarified that the WHO does not have the right to force China to cooperate in investigating Coronavirus. Instead, rayon has given a helpless reaction that the WHO can only request cooperation from China. The noncommittal stand of the WHO regarding the pandemic that has claimed more than 3.6 million lives around the world raises questions on the credibility of the organisation.   

Meanwhile, China has adopted a very aggressive stance, while the accusations that the Coronavirus was developed in the laboratory in Wuhan and was spread on purpose gain ground. So far, the United States has not accused China officially regarding Coronavirus. But China is feeling massive pressure due to the accusations levelled by the US researchers, media and influential leaders. 12 years ago, the United States had attacked Iraq, accusing that it possessed weapons of mass destruction. But no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq. Quoting this, Liu Pengyu, spokesman of the Chinese embassy in the United States, said that these accusations levelled by the United States are false.   

Around a year ago, Indian researchers inferred that the Coronavirus is not a natural virus and has been developed in a laboratory. But Dr Fauci, the Health Advisor to the US President, had scoffed at the inference drawn by the Indian scientists saying that this was a weird claim. But now, Dr Fauci has come in trouble for defending China. There is tremendous resentment brewing against him in the United States. Dr Fauci claimed that Coronavirus is a natural virus and remained firm on his claim for a long time. Indian analysts are pointing at the Chinese intrusion in the US research sector, quoting this. Indian analysts have retorted that the influence of this Chinese intrusion is visible. 

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