India stronger than China in Ladakh, infer Chinese analysts and the US  

Beijing/Washington: While China has begun the process of withdrawing its military from the Ladakh border, the second round of talks between military officials from India and China has started. It is claimed that China has taken an aggressive stand in this round of negotiations. At the same time, a Chinese military scholar has asserted that the Indian soldiers are the best in war techniques in treacherous mountain regions. Whereas, two US scholars have inferred that India has the military capability to defeat China. Therefore, the US and Chinese analysts have concluded that whatever pressures China tries to exert on India, it will have little or no effect on India. Hua Chunying, the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, said that the talks with India were held in a positive environment. Chunying added that favourable concessions had been granted during the discussions. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs also said that both the countries are not interested in festering the dispute, and both the countries are committed to resolving the issue through discussions. It is claimed that China took an aggressive stand during the second round of talks between the military officials from both the countries. Therefore, the Chinese strategy seems to be of keeping India under pressure, without letting the situation to fester. But the military scholars and analysts are openly warning that China will gain nothing by applying military pressure on India. In a surprising development, a Chinese researcher has certified that the Indian military is the best in the world, in war techniques in the mountainous terrain. As per media, this is possibly the first-ever instance that a Chinese scholar is praising the abilities of the Indian military. The name of the scholar is Huang Guozhi, and he has praised the skills of the Indian Army in an article written in a Chinese magazine. The report claims that, as of today, armies of the United States, Russia and European countries are not the best in treacherous and mountain terrains and this honour goes to the Indian Army.  


The Indian military has built a ‘Mountain Brigade’ because of the challenge posed on the border with China. This Indian Mountain Brigade has the expertise and experience for war in mountainous terrain. Guozhi pointed out that nearly 6,000 to 7,000 Indian soldiers are perpetually posted in Siachen. The Indian military also has contemporary advanced weapons and military equipment. Guozhi highlighted the only drawback that India is not self-reliant for weapons and defence equipment. A research paper published in the ‘Belfer Centre for Science and International Affairs’ of the Harvard School notes that the Indian military strength has increased as compared to China. The research paper also claims that not much attention is being paid to this. Two researchers, Dr Frankel O’Donnell and Dr Alexander Olsen, have inferred this after a comparative study of the military capabilities of China and India. India can deploy 225,000 soldiers on the Chinese border. It is claimed that China can deploy 230,000 soldiers on the Indian border. As per scholars, there is no substance in this Chinese claim. At the same time, there is a disparity in the air force strengths of the two countries. China has 101 fourth-generation fighter jets, and India has 122 fourth generation fighter jets. Also, the two researchers have claimed in the paper that the Indian fighter pilots are more experienced in this terrain and are even more skilled.  

Former Indian military officials and strategic analysts are pointing out that there is a difference between India of 1962 and today. Most importantly, the Indian military has the requisite experience for handling a war and the war situation. The former Indian military officials are pointing out that the Chinese military has not fought a battle in last so many years. Also, the moral of the Indian soldiers defending their motherland is at the highest level. It is also being said that the Chinese soldiers fighting with their belief in the Communist Party of China may not have the same level of motivation and confidence. China, fully aware that the international opinion is in favour of India, will also be an essential factor for China trying to avoid an open military conflict with India. But as per the former army officials and strategic analysts, it is better for India, to be cautious about this deceptive neighbour. 

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