Pakistan will continue its hidden war, warns Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat

New Delhi : ‘The hidden war started by Pakistan against India will continue in the future,’ said Army Chief General Bipin Rawat and has sent a message to the nation to be prepared. The Army Chief made such an important statement when the whole world is looking up to India to be a deterrent for China, who has grown enormously in financial and military strengths. At the same time General Rawat claimed that the defence expenditure is not a burden on the economy but is essential.

army-chief-general-bipin-rawatGeneral Rawat expressed his frank opinion about the country’s security while speaking at a seminar organised by a study group. General Rawat, pointing towards Pakistan, stated that the hidden war thrust upon us by our western neighbour will continue in the future. At the same time, General Rawat while talking about China, drew attention to the situation arising because of the increased Chinese strength. China has not forgotten the theory that it is necessary to increase the military strength along with financial strength. That is the reason China could become so important at the international level with its financial and military strength, said General Rawat.

‘The whole world is looking at the Asia-Pacific region due to this Chinese might. The countries that have realised that India can be an effective deterrent for China are expectantly looking at India,’ claimed the Army Chief. He firmly said that this situation has arisen only because of the aggressive Chinese policies. The Indian Army Chief clarified that the general feeling that the defence expenditure is non-productive and  nothing is gained from it, is absolutely wrong.

General Rawat drew attention to the necessity to protect the interests of the country along with the financial progress and the mandatory requirement of the defence expenditure for this purpose. General Rawat said that the assumption that the expenditure on the army is only to maintain the army is wrong. 35% of the expenditure on the army is spent for development of the country. The Army Chief drew attention to the fact that when this amount is spent by the army for development of the infrastructural facilities in the border area, it helps in bonding the people in the border areas with the country more strongly.

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