India keen to cooperate with US for G7  

Washington: The G7 summit had to be postponed to September, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, US President Donald Trump extended an invitation to India for the G7 summit. The talk is that President Trump is intending to convert G7 into G11, by inviting Russia, South Korea and Australia, along with India. Against this background, the Indian Ambassador to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, said that India was keen on cooperating with the United States on this front. Whereas, China, who has been kept away from the summit, wilfully, has expressed regret saying these efforts will nothing but fail.   


Recently, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held discussions with US President Donald Trump over the telephone. During this discussion, President Trump extended an invitation to participate in the G7 summit to Prime Minister Modi. Indian Ambassador to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, gave this information. Ambassador Sandhu also said that India would be keen on cooperating with the United States on the G7 as well as G11 platform. It is being said that the Trump administration is contemplating to include India, Russia, South Korea and Australia into the G7, and convert it into G11. The current members of the G7 are the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan. Russia had been included in this, thus making it G8. But following the Russian invasion of Ukraine acquiring Crimea, Russia was omitted. The organisation once again came to be known as G7. Now, once again, moves have been started to expand the organisation. But China has been consciously kept away from the organisation.  

President Trump warned that China is responsible for the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic and the United States will not stop short of teaching China a lesson. President Trump seems to have realised his threat, with a spate of aggressive decisions against China. Against this background, the expansion of G7 is a part of the anti-China campaign of President Trump. At the same time, the Indian Ambassador to the US has clarified the Indian stand, saying that India is keen on the cooperation.  

Chinese reaction has been received regarding the US decision. The Chinese foreign ministry has said that this effort of expansion of G7 is only a strategy to corner China. The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman criticised that attempts to draw such circles around China will not succeed. Although China has given an aggressive reaction, China seems to be extremely restless with this political campaign. The reason being President Trump’s efforts to make a provision that China, the manufacturing hub of the world, loses the tag of ‘Factory of the World’. His campaign is bearing fruits, and many multinational companies have started leaving China. Therefore, it is likely that China will suffer major economic jolts shortly. Analysts, the world over, believe that it will be tough for China to recover from this jolt.   

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