India among top ten countries with the highest Coronavirus cases

New Delhi: – India has entered the list of top ten countries with the highest number of Coronavirus cases. From Sunday till Monday morning, 6,977 new cases were reported from around the country. This is the new record for the number of cases reported in one single day. This has taken the total number of Coronavirus cases in the country to 138,845. Whereas, it is being revealed that the number of cases in the country crossed 145,000 by Monday night. The pandemic claimed 60 more lives in Maharashtra and 1,436 new cases were reported. Before this, 58 patients died on Sunday, and a whopping 3,041 new cases were reported. 

India recorded the highest number of cases after the United States, Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Turkey. Since the last four days, more than 6,000 new cases are being reported every day. Fear is being expressed that if the rate of reporting new cases per day remains the same, India will surpass Turkey in the next four days. The Indian ranking, worsening from more than 50 on the 25th of March, to within ten countries with the highest number of Coronavirus cases, is a cause for concern.

The number of deaths due to the pandemic in the country has crossed 4,000. 1,695 deaths have been reported from Maharashtra itself, and the number of cases in the state has crossed 52,000. On Monday, 60 Coronavirus deaths were reported from Maharashtra. Out of these, 38 were from Mumbai and 11 were from Pune. 1,430 new cases were reported from Mumbai in the last 24 hours, and the total number of deaths reported from Mumbai has crossed 1,000.

Tamil Nadu reported 805 new cases in the day. Tamil Nadu has the highest number of Coronavirus cases after Maharashtra. This state has reported more than 17,000 Coronavirus cases. Delhi reported 670 new cases taking the total number of cases over 14,000. Gujarat reported 30 deaths and 405 new Coronavirus cases. The number of cases in Gujarat has reached 14,400, and after Maharashtra, this is the state reporting maximum number of deaths.

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