‘Global Peace Index’ reports 900% increase in deaths in last decade due to terrorism

In an article ‘Global Peace Index’ of the ‘The Institute for Economics and Peace’ it has been said that the instances and acts of terrorism and violence are becoming increasingly pervasive globally. The report adds that on account of terrorist attacks and violence the global economy has been hit to the tune of $14.3 trillion in the year 2016. As per figures given by the ‘Global Peace Index’, acts of terrorism have increased threefold in the past six years in different parts of the world. 


The conflict in the Gulf regions, the political instability in the US, the massive influx of refugees in Europe along with acts of terror are the issues of the past year, highlighted in the report. The political instability along with its polarization have made internal conflicts severe in US, informs the ‘Global Peace Index’. These increasing internal issues in US, have placed US on the lowest rung of the ladder amongst developed nations, says  the report.

In the Gulf, Syria, Iraq and Yemen are three countries considered epitome of  violence and terrorism. Syria has been continuously placed the lowest in the past five years, which is a matter of intense regret says the report ‘Global Peace Index’.

The ‘Global Peace Index’ expresses concern  that the deaths in the last decade due to terrorism have increased by 900%. At the same time since the year 2011 the terrorist attacks in the past six years have increased by 300%. The developed nations have been most affected by terrorism; which includes 23 nations from Europe. They include Sweden, France and Denmark.

It is said that the political instability in US and the subsequent rise of terrorism has cost its economy a loss of $2.5 million. The report also says that there is an increase in crime in the major US cities. The ‘Global Peace Index’ cites that the political polarization in US is causing repercussions in other developed nations.

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