Major discontent among EU members on the background of ‘Brexit’

British finance minister George Osborne-‘Brexit’British opinion is increasingly leaning towards ‘Brexit’. This in turn is fueling increasing dissatisfaction among the other European countries about the European Union. Survey by US-based non-partisan think tank ‘Pew Research Center’ concludes that in the context of ‘Brexit’, anti –EU discontent has risen in countries like Greece, France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. Strong reaction can be expected in Europe, if British vote in favor of Brexit.


Their report ‘Euro skepticism Beyond Brexit’ produced after conversing with over 10 thousand respondents, clearly shows the rising discontent against EU. People of Greece (71%) and France (61%) are strongly opposed to the EU. 40% from the other four major countries – Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden – disfavor being a part of the EU.

Brexit-Lede-Graphic-WEB-version-‘Brexit’Overall 47% EU citizens have shown their displeasure on the increasing assertiveness of the European Union. 42 % citizens now demand that some of the powers held by the EU should be returned to the National Governments. 70% people agree that British exit will not be good for the EU. 10 major members have accused the EU of having totally failed in handling the refugee crisis and the economic challenges. 

Few days ago, results of some important pre-poll surveys conducted in Britain were declared, demonstrating the increasing numbers favoring ‘Brexit’.  

According to the survey by ‘ICM’, 48% citizens have clearly supported Brexit whereas according to ‘YouGov’, 45% citizens support Brexit. Online polling conducted by TNS shows 43% citizens in favor of ‘Brexit’.

Of the various surveys conducted in Britain in the last one month, 5 demonstrate clear support to ‘Brexit’. US-based survey confirms this finding. It is being claimed, support to ‘Brexit’ will increase closer to the polls. This is bound to increase the anxiety of Europe.



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