DRDO ready to compete with foreign companies

24_06_2016-drdoThe Indian Government run ‘Defense Research and Development Organization’ (DRDO) is all geared up to compete with foreign companies. DRDO is ready to export defense material, said DRDO Director General, ‘S Christopher’.

‘Make in India’ policy of the Central Government to strengthen the manufacturing hub is receiving enthusiastic response from all over the world. Renowned brands and major industries from many countries are ready to manufacture goods in India. Once these majors debut in the country, India will benefit as recipient of modern technologies.

The FDI reforms have boosted the “Make in India’ initiative in the defense sector allowing 100% equity investment by foreign companies. This decision has been welcome internationally.The regulations earlier were a barrier which have now been loosened. This should result in a big increase in the defense manufacturing field.

On the government’s thrust on ‘Make in India’, Mr Christopher said it was a bonanza as far as DRDO was concerned.. “DRDO technology is made in India. It is a huge boost,” he said, adding they have even asked the government several times for exporting DRDO products. “Someday there may be a possibility that a big company with a 100 per cent FDI may come with their technology and may be a competition to us. And we are rearing to go for competition.”

The DRDO, functioning under the Ministry of Defense, undertakes design and development of products and technologies to suit the requirement of the three wings of the Indian armed forces

Referring to repeated delays in execution of various projects by the DRDO, he said when those programs and projects were taken up they never realized the complexity.

The second issue, he noted, was that during the gestation period the requirement of the defense forces increases sometimes and therefore the product development takes more time.

“A new product takes lot of time even in other countries. When you take submarines it has taken not less than three decades. Air-borne air warning system has taken not less than 15 years even in the US. So when compared to that we are also in a similar kind of situation,” he said.

With the FDI reforms,India expects to reduce its defense import bill and see an increase in its defense exports. This is expected to play a crucial role in country’s economic development.Few months ago Defense Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar had mentioned that it is aimed to increase the defense export to up to 2 billion dollars. Currently it stands at meagre 5 million dollars (33 crore Rupees).

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