Refugees entering Europe are aggressors from other religions

Budapest: The Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban has warned that the horde of refugees entering Europe is not a part of the migration, but invaders from other religions. In an interview with the leading German daily ‘Bild’ he severely criticised the German refugee policy too. A few days ago, Prime Minister Orban was invited by a leading political party, in Germany. This invitation to Orban, by a German ruling political party front had become a topic of discussion.


Refugees-entering-Europe“The hordes of refugees entering Europe are not coming there only due to the hostile situations in their homeland. These hordes are coming to reap the benefits of economic opportunities offered by Europe. Hence, they cannot be called refugees. These hordes of refugees are nothing but aggressors from other religions. They will create a parallel society in Europe and will never mix with the European Christian Society” warned Prime Minister Orban.

He heavily came down on the policies of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. “The Refugees coming to Germany are not refugees but are the hordes attracted by the German lifestyle. It is surprising that a disciplined and law-abiding nation like Germany is supporting the mess, chaos and the illegal border crossing” were his remarks while targeting the policies of Chancellor Merkel regarding to the refugees.

“As a Prime Minister of Hungary, it is important to me what the people of Hungary feel and I can emphatically say that they don’t want refugees.” With these words, Victor Orban guaranteed that Hungary will not accept refugees under any circumstances. At the same time, Orban said that Germany has an open policy about refugees as they are in need of these people, but we don’t need them.

Orbon suggested that the European leaders should stress on resolving the problems in the troubled areas. He also criticized saying that distributing the illegal refugees in different countries will not solve any problems. The Hungarian Prime Minister also claimed that the idea of multiculturalism in Europe is only an illusion.

The eastern and central European countries have also consistently resisted the surge of refugees along with Hungary. Countries like Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic have taken an aggressive stand on the issue of the refugees and have completely refused to accept any refugees. Austria, which supported the refugees, has also started indicating action against the influx of refugees.

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