We are ready to undertake operations on both China and Pakistan fronts simultaneously, warns senior IAF official

New Delhi: – The hovering Rafale jets on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) at Ladakh are sending a strong message to China. Along with the Rafale, large scale movements of fighter jets Sukhoi-30MKI and heavy transport aircrafts C-130 Super Hercules in the nearby areas also have been seen near the LAC. Indian Air Force (IAF) officials warned that the IAF has the capability of executing day as well as night missions, simultaneously, on both Pakistan and China borders. Former Naval Chief Arun Kumar pointed out that at the same time, while the Indian and Chinese militaries are engaged on the Ladakh border, India can dominate the Indian Ocean and stop the Chinese freight movements. It is seen that China is being told in various ways that any Chinese misadventure will receive a crushing retaliation from India.   


IAFDuring the sixth round of Brigadier level talks, China had agreed not to add to the tension on the LAC. But China is stuck on its demand that the Indian military should withdraw from the region. Whereas, the Indian stand is that as China has intruded into Indian territory, it has to be China to remove the military first. At the same time, India has taken another firm stand that China should, once for all, finalise the exact coordinates of the LAC. China is not willing for any discussions on this subject. The Chinese policy till date has always been to keep the LAC ill-defined and claim and grab more and more of Indian territory. Therefore, this Indian demand is posing a problem for China.   

India is prepared to discuss the coordinates of the entire LAC, not only the LAC in the Ladakh region, and India is emphasising that China should present its stand clearly to resolve the border dispute. This is the reason that all the Chinese efforts to pressurise India during the border dispute talks are backfiring. Chinese mouthpiece, Global Times, is making a fuss that the adamant Indian stand is hampering the process of establishing peace on the border. At the same time, China is issuing threats to India through the Global Times by holding live firing exercises near the LAC in Ladakh. At the same time, it has been reported that the Pakistan military chief has ordered the army and air force to be prepared for war and the movements of the Pakistan military have increased near the Line of Control in Kashmir. China and Pakistan are threatening that India will have to fight a war on both the fronts. Against this background, a senior official from the air force has made both the countries aware of the stark reality regarding the preparedness of the IAF.  

The might of the IAF has increased to such an extent that it can execute any missions, during day or night, simultaneously, on both China and Pakistan borders. The IAF bases are very close to China as well as Pakistan borders. These officials said that this would make it very easy for the IAF to execute these missions successfully. Whereas, former Naval Chief Arun Kumar has made statements to make China aware of the reality. He claimed that India could shut down the entire Chinese freight movement in the Indian Ocean and get China jaded. The warning issued by the former Indian Naval Chief, who led Indian Navy during the 1971 war, will send chills down the Chinese spine.   

In the current scenario, although it is apparent on the face of it that China is not willing to spark a war with India, India has realised that this country cannot be trusted in any way. At the same time, China is desperately trying to show that it did not bow in front of India in the Ladakh conflict. In this situation, India has cornered the Chinese leadership by retaliating in the same language to the Chinese threats and warnings of war. As per observers, India should not make the blunder of giving any concessions to China. Currently, India is working with the same tactics. China is having a hard time facing Indian tactics. 

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