The bravery of Indian Army on the LAC in Ladakh forced China to retreat: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh 

New Delhi: – Defence Minister Rajnath Singh reprimanded China saying ‘Indian soldiers demonstrated immense bravery to force the intruding Chinese military to retreat from the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. The generations to come will remember the bravery demonstrated by the Indian soldiers, during this year, with pride. There can be a discussion on who has more military might between India and China. But China lags India by a distance on the fronts of capacity to lead the world with new innovative concepts and Soft Power.’ Till now, the Indian leaders were avoiding a direct mention of China, who is being aggressive on the LAC. But now the Indian Foreign and Defence Ministers have started pointed attacks on Chinese expansionism.   

Rajnath Singh was addressing a conference of Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). At this time, he profusely praised the bravery and gallantry of the Indian soldiers forcing China to retreat on the LAC in Ladakh. Hence, this announcement by the Defence Minister that the Indian Army confronted the Chinese military with courage, which forced the Chinese to retreat from the LAC, becomes extremely significant. India had adopted a policy of reconciliation on the Ladakh issue. But the Defence Minister has pointed out that subsequently, China will have to face this aggressive Indian stand.  

China is demonstrating unnecessary aggression in the Himalayan region. Defence Minister pointed out that not only on the LAC, the Chinese behaviour in the South China Sea also is equally irresponsible. But Rajnath Singh said that it has been proved time and again that India stands strong when it is the question of its existence and overcomes the crisis. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh pointed to the disparity between the two countries saying ‘It can be discussed, that between India and China, who is mightier on the military front. I am not interested in that discussion. But China lags India by a distance on the fronts of capacity to lead the world with new innovative concepts and Soft Power. There cannot be any comparison between the two countries on these counts.’   

India has a cultural influence on Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and China. Rajnath Singh said that he would like to note once again that this influence was cultural. Before the revolution in China, this country was under Indian influence, for nearly 2,000 years. Before the revolution in 1949, 80% of the Chinese people were Buddhists. Rajnath Singh reminded that it was a Chinese philosopher, Hu Xi had said that all this had was done by India without sending a single soldier across the China border and still maintained cultural domination.   

There is a dense possibility that a Chinese reaction will come regarding the statements of the Defence Minister. Reports are being received since the last few days, that China has flatly refused to withdraw its soldiers from the LAC in Ladakh. China has, instead, started demanding the withdrawal of the Indian military from the LAC. Therefore, the Indian military officials have concluded that the deadlock on the LAC in Ladakh is not going to be resolved in the near future. At the same time, former and serving military officials are warning that China can pose a challenge to Indian security, once again, in this sector. Therefore, India has increased the level of preparedness on all part of the Indian border, with China. At the same time, a message that India will not hesitate to take the necessary actions for the security of the country is being delivered to China in every possible way. The aggressive speech of the Indian Defence Minister in the FICCI conference demonstrates the same thing.   

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