Dutch security agency blames Erdogan for rise of extremism in the Netherlands

Amsterdam: The influence of extremism is increasing in the Netherlands, and the security agencies in the Netherlands claimed that Turkish President Recep Erdogan has a hand in this. The Dutch agencies have alleged that Turkish President Erdogan is knowingly nurturing hatred in the Dutch population. While this report is being received, lawmaker Geert Wilders posted a tweet mentioning Erdogan as a terrorist, and Turkey has ordered an inquiry against it.


Dutch security agency blames Erdogan for rise of extremism in the NetherlandsUnder the law and security department of the Netherlands, the National Coordinator for Security and Counter-Terrorism has prepared a report regarding the increasing extremism in the country. Although the report is still not officially published, a Dutch magazine claimed to have the details of the information contained in the report. The magazine has claimed that Turkish President Erdogan is encouraging Turkey-Dutch groups to spread extremism and religious hatred in the Netherlands.

The Dutch agencies also have linked the terror attack carried out in the Netherlands and the Turkish President’s statements regarding extremism. It was also pointed out that Tanish, the attacker in Utrecht, was of Turkish origin. The Turkish community in the Netherlands is under a strong influence of the Turkish regime, and the Turkey-Dutch citizens with dual nationality are said to be voting for President Erdogan. Links of these citizens with many groups formed by the Turkish regime have also been exposed. The Netherlands has a population of nearly 400,000 Turkey-Dutch citizens.

Dutch security agency blames Erdogan for rise of extremism in the NetherlandsMeanwhile, Geert Wilders, the lawmaker with rightist ideology, has tweeted President Erdogan’s picture with the caption ‘Terrorist’. Wilders, the chief of the Freedom Party in the Netherlands, has demanded the Turkish ambassador’s expulsion. Turkey is infuriated with Wilders’ tweet, and the Erdogan regime has ordered an inquiry against him. The prime minister of the Netherlands, Mark Root, has fired a salvo of criticism against the Turkish decision and has said that the Turkish decision is unacceptable.

Tension is prevailing between the Netherlands and Turkey since 2017, and it is likely to fester further owing to the stand adopted by Root. In 2017, the Netherlands government had refused entry for two Turkish Ministers. The concerned Ministers were planning to campaign for Erdogan in the Turkish population in the Netherlands. Last year, the Dutch government had supported French President Emmanuel Macron during the dispute between France and Turkey.

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