NASA’s Perseverance Rover lands on Mars surface

Washington: The ‘Perseverance Rover’, which was broadcasted by NASA space institute, has landed on the Mars surface. NASA declared that this rover landed on IST 02:30 hrs on Thursday. This is the third attempt in the last ten days. Rockets from UAE and China are also a part of this Mars mission. Moreover, Indian-origin scientist Dr Swati Mohan’s contribution to this mission has been reported to be of great significance.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover lands on Mars surfaceOver seven months, this Perseverance Rover travelled across more than 47 crores kilometres and has now landed on Mars. Besides, for the first time, NASA has sent a helicopter with the rover named Ingenuity. The helicopter is responsible for finding the geological status of the regions where the rover cannot go. This is the first time a helicopter will be carrying out a mission on Mars.

This rover has two advanced cameras, a laser imager, laser scanner, radar, X-ray spectrometer, weather sensor, exploration technology experiment and other such systems installed in it. This rover will continue its expedition over the next two years. Moreover, the study of Jezero Crater is known to be the most significant segment of this research. It is believed that there used to be a lake on the Mars surface, and signs of life can be possibly found in the region. It is being said that NASA has funded about $2.75bn for this Perseverance Rover mission.

This is the second instance in the last ten years of the NASA Perseverance Rover landing on Mars. Earlier, in August 2012, NASA had landed the Curiosity rover on Mars. Currently, ten missions of five nations worldwide are active on Mars and the nearby region. These include five NASA space missions alongside one each from India, the European Union, China and the UAE.

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