Turkish dispute with EU and NATO over Syria and migrant influx festers

Third World WarBrussels: Turkish President Erdogan had threatened that if the European countries did not help Turkey in the Syrian conflict, Turkey will release immigrants into Europe. The European countries had warned that Turkish ‘Blackmailing’ will not be tolerated. Talks held at Brussels, between Turkey and the European countries, have completely failed. After the meeting, President Erdogan left without talking to the media. It was clear from the talks between NATO and Turkey that NATO has not acceded to the Turkish demand for assistance, in the Syrian conflict. Therefore, Turkey facing the Syrian military and a strong adversary like Russia seems to have been isolated.


Turkey has released all the immigrants wanting to cross the Turkish border to enter Europe. Therefore, thousands of immigrants are approaching the Greek border and the Greek soldiers have to take harsh actions to stop these immigrants. But Turkey is not willing to stop these immigrants. The Turkish President had warned that Europe should be prepared to accept immigrants, if Europe does not cooperate with Turkey, in the Syrian conflict. Turkey has indicated that this threat can be realised. Against this background, talks had been arranged in Brussels between Turkey and the European countries.

Turkish dispute with EU and NATO over Syria and migrant influx festersThe European countries bluntly refused to accept the Turkish demands, during the meeting, on Monday. Moreover, the European countries have made crushing criticism saying that Turkey is trying to Blackmail them. Turkey and the European Union had signed an agreement regarding immigrants in 2016. Turkey had accepted to stop these immigrants from entering into Europe, in the agreement. But Turkey had demanded billions of Euros in exchange. Both Turkey and the European Union are accusing each other of scrapping the agreement.

There was a major argument over this issue in the Monday meeting and President Erdogan left the meeting without taking any decision. At this time, President Erdogan avoided talking even to the media. Therefore, the indications are that the relations between Turkey and the European Union are likely to fester, over the immigrant issue, in the times to come. Meanwhile, Turkey had demanded that NTO should assist Turkey in the Syrian conflict. Although the NATO chief promised assistance to Turkey, Turkey has not received anything till date. Therefore, currently, Turkey is isolated in the conflict with Russia in Syria.

Despite everything, some people are saying that Turkey, who is speaking the language of challenging a strong adversary like Russia, will not dare to do so without support from NATO and the United States. Therefore, they are claiming that the United States and NATO are secretly helping Turkey. Although this has not been confirmed yet, as per analysts, the Turkish aggression is indicating differently.

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