Number of Coronavirus cases in India reaches 614

New Delhi: The number of Coronavirus cases in India has reached 614. The number of Covid-19 cases in the state of Maharashtra, reaching 122, has only added to the concern. The government emphasised once again that this problem can be tackled effectively only when citizens stay in their homes and do not venture out on the road and follow the rules of the lockdown. The Union government announced that 80% of the population will be provided wheat and rice at a subsidised price of ₹2 and ₹3 per kg respectively. The government has also decided to postpone the implementation of the first phase of the National Population Register (NPR).


After Prime Minister Modi announced a lockdown on Tuesday night, there was a mad rush to purchase groceries and essential items. But the union, as well as the state government, assured the people that there were sufficient stocks of essential items. The shops selling life essentials will remain open during the lockdown. The government has said that there is no need to rush.

Number of Coronavirus cases in India reaches 614The effect of the lockdown was visible in the country from Wednesday morning itself. The roads were deserted. But the media were criticising that still, some people have not realised the importance of a lockdown. Despite repeated appeals, some people were coming out on the roads. Even then, the picture around the country says that the majority of the people were following the rules.

The number of Coronavirus cases in the country is on the rise. Five people from the same family, in Sangli, were found to be infected with Coronavirus. There were six new cases in Mumbai too. There have been 10 new cases in Karnataka, five in Delhi and five in Tamil Nadu. 55 new cases have been reported from the country, in the last 24 hours. Till date, there are 614 cases of Coronavirus in the country. Of these 41 patients have recovered fully, but 12 deaths also have been reported in the pandemic. The maximum number of cases have been reported from Maharashtra and the number has reached 121. There are 45 cases in Mumbai.

The lockdown has resulted in a loss of income for the daily wage workers. Having two meals has become a daunting task for them. Against this background, the Union cabinet of ministers has decided to make 7kgs of food grain, per head, available at a subsidised rate to the poor and the lower middle class. This supply will be through the Public Distribution System (PDS) and the rate will be ₹2 for wheat and ₹3 for rice, per Kg. This scheme will be for three months and the citizens in these categories will be given the food grains in advance. Union Telecom Minister Prakash Jawadekar informed that 800 million people from the country, will benefit from this scheme. Saying that this will cost the exchequer ₹1.8 trillion, he claimed that this was the biggest food security scheme implemented in the world.

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