Number of Coronavirus cases in India crosses 70,000; PM holds discussion with State CMs

New Delhi/Mumbai: The number of Coronavirus cases in the nation has touched 70,000. The period of lockdown, which had been declared to cease the spread of this disease is soon to end. At the same time, this virus is spreading rapidly, and the number of COVID cases is increasing. Thus, PM Narendra Modi held talks with the State CMs. Moreover, PM appealed that it is imperative to welcome a policy that maintains the balance between efforts to cease the spread of Coronavirus and boosting the economy. At the time, the Chief Ministers of few states suggested to not start the railway service at the earliest.


The Central Health Department reported that the number of deaths due to COVID is 2206, whereas, there are about 67,152 COVID cases in the country as of now. 4200 patients were detected only within 24 hours. However, this report is based on the information obtained until Monday morning. In real-time, the number of COVID cases has certainly crossed 70,000 post-9 p.m. on Monday. On Monday, 36 died in Maharashtra due to the virus, whereas 1,230 new patients were found. Thus, in all, the number of COVID patients in the state has reached 23,400. 20 patients died in one day’s span in Mumbai; moreover, 791 new patients were found too. Tamil Nadu reported 798 new cases. 20 patients died in Gujarat and 340 new patients were reported. 19 of these patients have died in Ahmedabad. Meanwhile, Delhi too, reports 300 new patients.

Besides, the nominated secretary of Central Healthcare Department, Luv Agarwal, said that the nation has relatively noticed a rise in the number of Coronavirus patients in a few parts of the country. It is essential to ensure that public gatherings which take place in areas recognised as Corona Hotspots should be watched closely. He further appealed to the citizens to report unhesitatingly as soon as they sense any of the COVID symptoms.

On Monday, PM Narendra Modi held talks with the State CMs. The fact that the PM held talks right before 17th May, the due date of Coronavirus lockdown’s third phase, draws keen attention. Moreover, the PM has stressed upon the significant policy of maintaining a balance between being cautious of Coronavirus and initiating the boosting of the economy. A few states have also appealed to make a fair decision based on the severity being faced in respective states and regions.

Meanwhile, in Maharashtra, except the red zones, 57,745 businesses have been granted the permit. Plus, about 25,000 companies and 6 lakh workers have resumed work, informed Maharashtra Industries Minister, Subhash Desai.

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