Lockdown in Maharashtra till 30th June

Mumbai: – Maharashtra government extended the lockdown till 30th June. But the government has also decided to allow relaxations, in phases, during this stage. Many of the services will be started in some places excepting the Red Zones. The services in the Red Zone under the municipal corporations will be started in stages. Taxi and rickshaw services will be started in the Red Zone, with a restriction on the number of passengers and the government offices will be started with 15% attendance. The private offices will also be allowed to open with 10% attendance. 


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The union government announced an extension of lockdown, excepting the containment zones and declared the guidelines for the period. The union home ministry said that it is finally, at the discretion of the states, to allow or disallow services in their areas, within the framework of the guidelines. Although the lockdown will continue in the state, many concessions have been declared. The state government has released the ‘Mission Begin Again’ policy and certain services even in the municipal areas, in the Red Zone, will be started in stages. No concessions will be available in the containment zones.

Places of worship, malls and hotels will continue to remain closed in the state. The ban on schools, colleges, beauty parlours, metro railway, entertainment programs and rallies will continue. But cycling, jogging has been permitted in the government and private gardens and parks. But observance of the social distancing norms will be mandatory. Young children will have to be accompanied by an adult. This is the first stage of concessions, starting 3rd June. In the first stage, government offices will start with 15% attendance. Plumber, electrician, pest control and other technical works have been allowed.

In the second stage starting 5th June, markets and shops will be allowed to open. These shops have been permitted to remain open between 9 am and 5 pm. But the opening will be permitted on an odd-even basis, meaning shops on one side will open on odd dates and the shops on the other side of the road will open on the even dates. It has been clearly stated that the shops not following social distancing norms will be shut down. A condition to buy from the shops in nearby areas also has been imposed. It has been suggested to walk or cycle down to the shops. The taxis and rickshaws will start in the second phase. But there will be a restriction on the number of passengers. Driver with two passengers only will be allowed in a taxi or a rickshaw.

Permission to start the private offices will be given in the third stage starting from 8th June, with staff attendance not exceeding 10%. The condition that the employees should be encouraged to work from home and mandatory sanitisation systems for the employees visiting the office has also been specified.

Meanwhile, the state government has said that intra-district bus services will be allowed, but inter-district buses will not be allowed. Home delivery of newspapers has been allowed. The curfew timings have been changed and there will be a ban on non-essential movements between 9 pm and 5 am.

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