Chinese citizen injured in Karachi bomb blast

Three civilians including one Chinese engineer were injured in a bomb blast in Karachi, the financial capital of Pakistan. Three organizations have accepted responsibility of the attack. It is perceived that the blast is carried out to oppose the ‘economic corridor’ being built between Pakistan and China.


Chinese Citizen Injured KarachiA passenger car carrying a Chinese Engineer, an assistant and driver was blown by remote controlled bomb while passing through Gulshan-A-Hameed area of Karachi city.All passengers were seriously injured and were admitted to the hospital. According to Sr. Police Inspector of Sindh province, Alla Dino Khwaja, this blast was created to target a Chinese citizen named Finch.

In past 24 hours, three terrorist organizations have accepted the responsibility of this attack. Sr. Police Inspector of Sindh province, Alla Dino Khwaja suggested to have found handbills of SLA (Sindhudesh Liberation Army) at the site of the bomb blast and thatSLA have targeted the Chinese citizen to oppose and disrupt plans under agreement between Pakistan and China. Sindhudesh Liberation Army has been demanding independence for Sindhudesh i.e. Sindh Province for which the organization is active for the past six years. Pakistan Army alleges Sindhudesh Liberation Army to be responsible for the attack happened on 30th May.

Other organizations like Tehrik – E – Taliban and Jamaat-Ul-Ahrararealso accepting the responsibility of the Karachi Blast. Both claimed to have orchestrated the blast to prohibit “China Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC). “Jamaat – Ul – Ahrar” was separated from ‘Tehrik’ two years ago. Pakistani security agencies are now facing a challenge as three organizations are accepting the responsibility of the blast

Currently 3740 Chinese citizens are working across 118 different projects in Baluchistan province of Pakistan which are a part of agreement between Pakistan and China.  As part of projects being executed many Chinese citizens are based out of Karachi city. A local official revealed that it is difficult to provide security to the Chinese citizens though a Special Protection Force has been deployed for their safety due to frequent change in  locations due to travel without much of prior notice.


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