CIA suspected to be behind the hacking during the US elections

Moscow : The Russian President Vladimir Putin’s accusation that the US Secret Service Agency, the CIA has been responsible for hacking during the Presidential election campaign in US, is creating a sensation. This accusation from Putin came at a time when he was interviewed by a US news channel, the ‘NBC News’. At the same time Putin made it clear, that he had read the news published by the US press machinery of the Russian hacking,  which he said is  baseless.  


The US Parliament has appointed an independent Council to investigate into this interference by Russia during the Presidential election campaign. After this incident, it was  the first instance when  the Russian President was giving  an interview to a prominent news channel of the US. It has been revealed, that a journalist Megyn Kelly of the ‘NBC News’ interviewed Putin at an ongoing  international conference at Saint Petersburg, in Russia.

President Putin blamed the hackers in US for the  hacking in US. He stated that hackers could be everywhere – in Russia, Asia, in US as also in Latin America. There could be a possibbility, he stated, that hacking done in US could be done by hackers in US. He added, that the hackers have very craftily and conveniently managed to pass the buck on  to Russia. 

Megyn Kelly has claimed that in the interview, Putin had hinted that it was the ‘CIA’ behind the hacking that took place in US. However just a couple of days before, while talking about the issue of hacking in US, the Russian President had stated that it could be a possibility that a few patriotic hacker groups in Russia could have executed the cyber attack. Later, while talking to the US news channel, Putin directly holding the ‘CIA’ or US hackers responsible has been creating a commotion of sorts.

In the interview given to the US news channel, Putin had made a reference to the information on hacking provided by the US Secret Service Agency. He said that he had read the reports of the Secret Service Agency and that they were baseless. The reports, the Russian President indicated, were based on assumptions and conclusions drawn from these assumptions rather than solid evidence.

In the Presidential elections held in US,  in 2016, important information relating to the ‘Democratic Party’ and the party’s candidate, Hillary Clinton had been leaked on the Internet.

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