China will punish QUAD member nations that inflict harm to it: Chinese govt mouthpiece

Beijing: – China issued a fresh threat ‘Quad and AUKUS are dangerous groups, created to corner China. India, Japan and Australia should not engage in this group at the behest of the United States. Because of the group crosses the line, China will use force, without hesitation, to punish anyone who jolts its interests.’ As usual, China issued the threat against Quad and AUKUS through its official mouthpiece, the Global Times. Earlier, the Global Times had scoffed at QUAD, claiming that the cooperation would never materialise. But now, the threat from the Global Times exposes that China is beginning to view it as dangerous.  


Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in the United States for the UN General Assembly. Prime Minister Modi received a hearty welcome from Indians in the United States. Prime Minister Modi’s discussion with the US industry has become a topic of interest even for the international media. Also, the entire world’s attention is focused on Prime Minister Modi’s talks with US President Joe Biden. The upheaval in Afghanistan and the situation in the Indo-Pacific region will be central issues during the bilateral talks between Prime Minister Modi and President Biden. After that, the QUAD meeting will be held.  

Before the meeting, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga warned the world about China. Suga warned ‘The rise of China in the Indo-Pacific region has created an imbalance. In addition, uncertainty has been created because of the Coronavirus pandemic. At such times, growing Chinese military might could be a threat to Japanese security.’ Mentioning this in an article in the Global Times, China criticised that a country like Japan is unnecessarily creating a bogey of the Chinese military might. The Global Times claimed that China is spending less than 1.5% of its GDP on defence, adding that no one should feel threatened by China.  

The QUAD is said to be necessary to ensure freedom of movement in the Indo-Pacific region. Global Times criticised ‘But this is false propaganda, as China has never challenged freedom of transportation and the statements made by the QUAD members regarding the supply chain of materials, necessary to for global production, are irresponsible.’ The QUAD and the AUKUS of Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States have been set up to target China. But it is not yet clear how these countries will corner China. At present, the plans of these countries to target China are still in the air, remarked the Chinese mouthpiece.  

Efforts will be made to get other countries to join QUAD and AUKUS. But no country should fall victim to these efforts. India, Japan and Australia should not follow in the footsteps of the United States. Because if these countries cross a limit and threaten Chinese interests, China will not stop short of punishing them. In doing so, China will not hold back, the Chinese government mouthpiece warned because of its relations with any country.  

China, meanwhile, had earlier claimed through the Global Times that the anti-China plan would never materialise, scoffing at the QUAD. But now China has started taking QUAD and AUKUS very seriously. Analysts around the world are acknowledging that China is scared of QUAD. Moreover, China threatened Bangladesh that it would face dire consequences if it joined the QUAD. China is concerned that smaller countries in south-east Asia will also start cooperating with the QUAD. Therefore, China is repeatedly showing its insecurity by issuing warnings against it. 

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