PM Modi and Rajnath Singh warn Pakistan, China on Kargil Vijay Divas

New Delhi: – Prime Minister Modi said that 21 years ago, Pakistan military intruded into Kargil and tried to capture Indian territory. But the courage demonstrated by the Indian soldiers, after this, was seen by the world. India can never forget the circumstanced that led to the Kargil war. Pakistan replied to the Indian friendship with betrayal. Whereas, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh asserted that any attack on India, from any side, will face a Kargil like retaliation. It is clear that the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister have delivered an indirect message to China, along with Pakistan.


Kargil-Vijay-dinOn Sunday, on the occasion of Kargil Victory Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his ‘Maan Ki Baat’, reminded of the unparalleled courage and sacrifice of the Indian soldiers during the Kargil war. The Prime Minister said that the situation was that the enemy was sitting on the mountain top and our brave soldiers were fighting from the ground level. But the victory was for the resolve and bravery of the Indian soldiers and not for the heights of the mountains. Prime Minister Modi underlined that the current war is not only on the border, but there also are many battles to be fought within the country, and the people of the country have to play a role in these battles.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, while speaking on the occasion of Kargil Victory Day, has clearly warned that there will be no hesitation in taking any steps for the integrity and sovereignty of the country. Whatever India does in the security matters is only for self-defence and not for aggression against any nation. The Defence Minister emphasised that if the enemy launched an attack, there would be a sharp reply similar to Kargil.

It is clear that China was the indirect target for both the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister. Tension with China has reached its peak, following the Galwan Valley conflict. Only a few days ago, Prime Minister Modi had visited Ladakh. At that time, Prime Minister Modi had castigated China for its expansionist policies, without naming it. The Prime Minister had said the days of expansionism are over and it always ends in a defeat. Prime Minister Modi, while targeting the Pakistani intrusion and betrayal during his address on the occasion of Kargil Victory Day, has launched a scathing, indirect attack on China.

Movements of the Pakistani air force were noted in Gilgit-Baltistan while India was celebrating the Kargil Victory Day. Pakistan air force chief, Mujahid Anwar Khan, visited the Skardu airbase near Ladakh and assessed the preparations. There are reports that the Pakistan air force has started war exercises in the area. Reports had been received that China had deployed its JF-17 fighter on this very Skardu base when the tension had heightened with India. These movements become important against this background. It is being claimed that Pakistan is increasing its deployment at the Skardu base under instructions from China.

Reports say that China is trying to gain control over the politics and economy in Pakistan, which is reeling under the burden of Chinese debt. China is trying to attain this through the CPEC project. CPEC Authority has been formed to handover the complete control to China, hence ending the involvement of the Pakistan planning authorities. Pakistan parliament is unaware of this development. One of the reports claimed that this is the first step towards taking over the politics and economy of Pakistan.

Some of the analysts in Pakistan believe that the rising tension between India and China is an opportunity for Pakistan, and it should go with China and attack India. The Chinese and Pakistani plan is to start a conflict from both the sides and engage India. China is grappled with the fear that India will acquire Aksai Chin, sometime in the future, along with Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Therefore, it is being claimed that Pakistan is making preparations under instructions from panic-stricken China. China has become restless because of the retaliation by the Indian soldiers in the Galwan Valley and

is trying to pressurise India. The analysts are drawing attention to the fact that Pakistan has increased its deployment on the Skardu airbase, following the Indian indications to deploy the Rafael fighter jets, to be received from France in Ladakh.

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