India delivering message to China through war exercises

New Delhi: India has organised naval exercises with the QUAD countries, the United States, Australia and Japan, along with France and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The exercises will start at the beginning of April. It is being claimed that the objective of these exercises, which will be held in the Bay of Bengal, is to stop China. The participating countries will exhibit their naval might.

India delivering message to China through war exercisesChina is trying to increase its naval presence in the Bay of Bengal along with the Indian Ocean. This could pose a serious threat to Indian security. Against this background, the Indian Navy has held naval exercises in the Bay of Bengal, delivering appropriate messages to China from time to time. With these exercises to be held at the beginning of April, India seems to be delivering a new message to China.

It is significant to note that France and UAE are participating in the exercises, along with the QUAD countries. The Varuna joint naval exercises are scheduled to be held between India, France and UAE. These exercises will be held in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. As per analysts, both these exercises are to deliver an appropriate message to China.

Observers the world over have notices a significant rise in Chinese aggression over the last few weeks. Countries like Japan and Australia are warning that the price of this Chinese aggression will have to be paid by the entire world. The European countries also have taken serious cognisance of the matter. France and the United Kingdom have decided to send their warships to the South China Sea region to stop China.

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