China should not try to change the ‘Doklam’ situation, warns Indian Envoy

Beijing: The Indian envoy to China Gautam Bambawale, has issued a stern warning to China, ‘Do not try to change the situation in Doklam’. He also rebuked China about the China-Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC). He warned ‘The CPEC passes through the Indian territory and this is connected with the integrity of India. China should consider the Indian anxiety seriously’.

china, india, doklam, india-china borderJust two days ago, Wu Qian, the spokesman of the Chinese defence ministry, had alleged that the Indian soldiers had crossed the border illegally and entered into Doklam. He had also said that India should learn a lesson from ‘Doklam’ and should take precautions in the future to avoid repetition of such situation. In view of this, Gautam Bambawale reprimanded China about ‘Doklam’ and ‘CPEC’ in an interview with the Chinese government’s mouthpiece ‘Global Times’. Bambawale also said in the interview that both the countries need to address the bilateral sensitive issues more seriously and he stressed that India wants peace and not conflict with China.

‘The India-China border has been peaceful for a long time. The Doklam issue is being given undue importance. But it is evident, after this standoff, that India and China need to increase the bilateral talks in today’s scenario. These talks should be at the level of the leaders, officials as well as the general population. This will increase the understanding about each other. It will make it easier to understand each other’s stand and will increase the confidence level. Indian and China are partners and not enemies.’ is what the Indian envoy said.

There have been worrying news coming about the Chinese soldiers starting construction in Doklam. Subsequently, the Indian army chief had issued statements warning China. The Chinese defence sector objected to this and issued fresh threats to India. The Indian envoy issued a stern warning to China not to change the situation in Doklam and he also said that there could be repercussions if it does not happen.

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