India rejects China’s proposal for tripartite talks

New Delhi: The Chinese Ambassador to India, Luo Zhaohui had advised that India, China and Pakistan should hold tripartite talks to avoid situations like ‘Doklam’ in the future. However, India has rejected this demand. The Indian Foreign Ministry lashed out at the Chinese Ambassador clearly stating that the issues between India and Pakistan are bilateral and no third party has any scope for mediation between the two.


The Chinese Ambassador had warned India suggestively while speaking at a function organised in New Delhi. Saying that a Doklam-like situation will not be affordable in the future, he indicated that his country would take an aggressive stand if such a situation arises in future. Thus, India should hold tripartite talks with China and Pakistan to avoid this, recommended Ambassador Luo Zhaohui. He also claimed that such a proposal was in fact, received from Indian friends.

Foreign ministry spokesman, Raveesh Kumar has rejected this Chinese demand. The proposal has not been made by China at an official level. This could be the personal opinion of the Ambassador, claimed Raveesh Kumar. But Raveesh Kumar has clarified the country’s stance saying that the India-Pakistan disputes were bilateral and mediation from no other country will be acceptable to India.

China had made an insistent demand that India should support the One Belt One Road Project (OBOR), during the conference of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). But the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which is a part of the OBOR, passes through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. India has repeatedly warned that this is an Indian territory, illegally occupied by Pakistan. India has also consistently pointed this out to China and has emphasized that it will not support the concerned project.

However, China is assuring India that this is only an infrastructure project and this has nothing to do with the Chinese policies and that, this will not change China’s position on the Kashmir issue. India has bluntly refused to accept the proposal. Even in the SCO meeting held in China, India had vehemently opposed this project, which challenges the sovereignty of our country.

Now, China seems to be making another attempt to pressurise India. China has invested billions of dollars in the OBOR project. But according to experts, this project cannot be implemented without India’s participation. That is the reason behind China making all possible efforts to get India to support this project. The Chinese Ambassador’s proposal for tripartite talks is a part of the same efforts too.

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