Anti-Russia sanctions symbol of meaningless and unsubstantiated US campaign, replies Russia

Moscow : Russia has replied to the US with strong words ‘The sanctions being imposed on Russia by the US are a symbol of meaningless and unsubstantiated campaign.’ The US has announced sanctions against Russia on Friday. These sanctions are targeting the deputy fuel minister and nine companies.


russia, anti-russia, us,The US treasury department said while announcing the sanctions ‘US will continue with the sanctions till complete implementation of the Minsk accord. Russia gaining control over and annexing Crimea will not be tolerated by the US is what is getting underlined by these sanctions. Even the European Union had imposed sanctions against Russia in the recent past. The sanctions are a symbol of the unity of the US and Europe on the Ukraine issue.’

The US sanctions include the Russian deputy minister for fuel, Andrey Cherezov. The officers dealing with energy, fuel and export enterprises in Russia are the others included in the list. The companies facing sanctions also include fuel and energy enterprises and the leading companies like ‘Technopromexport’ and ‘Gaz Aliens’ have been targeted. The companies participating in the energy projects in Crimea also are facing sanctions.

Russia has reacted strongly to the sanctions slapped by the US. The Russian foreign ministry has stated ‘The US administration is not willing to come out of the illusion that they can pressurise Russia by refusing visas and trade embargo. Russia will never compromise on its interests and the independent stand on the international issues. The American sanctions have not affected, in any way, the Russian foreign policies.

The sanctions campaign is unsubstantiated and the administration and the officers imposing the sanctions are exhibiting their foolishness to the world, said the Russian foreign ministry. A senior parliamentarian from Russia has said that these sanctions are an attempt by the US to counter the increasing Russian influence and this is nothing but war against Russia.

The American sources had indicated that the sanctions imposed on Friday will be followed up with more sanctions in the next week. It is said that these sanctions will be concerning the cyber attacks and interference in the elections.

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