Putin accuses Ukraine of conspiracy to create a new conflict over Crimea

Putin accuses Ukraine of conspiracy to create a new conflict over Crimea

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine of resorting to terror plots, instead of resolving the issue of Crimea through negotiations. On Wednesday, the Russian intelligence agencies announced to have thwarted a plot of terror attacks in Crimea and smashed a Ukrainian spy network in Crimea. It was on this background that the Russian President has made this allegation. Nevertheless, the President of Ukraine has denied the allegations, accusing Russia of preparing for fresh attacks on Ukraine.


A few days ago, Ukraine had made  attempts to infiltrate in Crimea and wage armed attacks there, informed the Russian Intelligence Agency ‘FSB’. ‘FSB’ has also claimed that the Russian agencies have thwarted both the attempts and that a Russian intelligence officer and a soldier was killed in the operation. The Russian intelligence agency further informed that the intelligence officer got killed in the operation carried out on 6th and 7th August, against the alleged terrorists sent by Ukraine, while, the soldier got killed in a shootout carried out to thwart the infiltration attempt by Ukraine.

Putin accuses Ukraine of conspiracy to create a new conflict over Crimea

Russia claims that the Ukrainian government has plotted to sabotage the infrastructure in Crimea. The plot included sabotage operations and terror attacks to disturb the elections and also the social and political stability in Crimea. To back up the infiltration attempt, the Ukrainian army carried out heavy shootout as well. Bombs, mines and other explosive material was seized in the operation, claimed ‘FSB’. It further informed that many persons, including a Ukrainian citizen, have been arrested and a network of Ukrainian spies has been busted.

Showing serious concern about the incident, Russian President Vladimir Putin convened an emergency meeting of the ‘Security Council’. A decision was taken to deploy additional security forces in Crimea for the protection of its citizens and the infrastructure. President Putin has made strong allegations against the Ukrainian government in the meeting.

‘Ukraine government is playing a very dangerous game. Instead of walking the path of peace, those who seized power in Ukraine, are adopting the path of terror. Russia will retaliate to it aptly. A conspiracy to start violence and conflict in Crimea has been hatched by Ukraine. Through this plot, Ukraine wants to divert the attention of the Ukrainian people from the local issues. The activities of Ukraine are of criminal nature,’ alleged the Russian President.

The Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko, along with the Defence Ministry and the National Security Council, have refuted the allegations of the Russian President in no uncertain terms. 

‘The allegations made by the Russian President, are nothing but excuses for issuing a new threat of military attack on Ukraine. The allegations made on Ukraine are as false as the claim made by Russia that there are no Russian soldiers in the Donbass region of Ukraine,’ was the answer given by Poroshenko to the Russian President’s allegations. The Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Nations, has expressed fear that the happenings in Crimea resemble the ones that took place in Georgia in 2008 and that it will Russia, who will start a new conflict.

The violence that started in eastern Ukraine, after Russia wrested control over Crimea, has claimed more than nine thousand lives so far.

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