Anti-tank missile ‘Nag’ ready for induction in Indian Army, passes final test

Pokhran: Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) tested the indigenously developed anti-tank Nag missile at Pokhran in Rajasthan. This was the final test of the Nag missile. Therefore, there is a possibility that this missile may soon be inducted in the defence forces. It is also reported that the Nag missile will be deployed on the Chinese border in northern Ladakh. Only two days ago, anti-tank SANT missile, an advanced version of the Nag missile, also was tested.


Anti-tank ‘Nag’ missile ready to be inducted in the defence forces, passes final testTesting of the Nag missile was conducted at Pokhran military base at 6.45 in the morning on Thursday. So far, ten user trials of the Nag missiles have been conducted by DRDO. The range of the Nag missile is 4 kilometres. The Nag missile is effective during the day as well as night. This missile can penetrate any tanks of military vehicles of the enemy. It can even precisely hit the target in any atmospheric temperature.

Anti-tank ‘Nag’ missile ready to be inducted in the defence forces, passes final testThe missile will soon be inducted in the military as this was the final test of the missile. The dependence on foreign countries for this class of missiles will also end. India imports anti-tank missiles with a range of 4 kilometres from the United States and Israel. After the Galwan Valley conflict on the 15th of June, India decided to import anti-tank missiles from Israel urgently.

In the last two and a half months, India has tested 13 different missiles. These include tests of missiles of various capabilities including supersonic and hypersonic missiles.

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