DRDO develops ‘UV Blaster Tower’ to disinfect Coronavirus hotspots rapidly

New Delhi – The Ministry of Defence has reported that the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed ‘Ultraviolet Blast Tower’ to disinfect hotspots of Coronavirus rapidly. 


The New Delhi-based ‘Laser Science & Technology Centre’, a part of the DRDO, has collaborated with a private firm to develop the tower. The said tower has six lamps each of 43 watts UV-C power. The Defence Ministry further stated that using Wi-Fi, the tower could be connected to a laptop or a smartphone. Besides, the DRDO has said that the tower can be used to disinfect an area of 400 sq. ft. in just 30 minutes.   

Disinfection of computers and electronic equipment at places like laboratories and offices using chemical sprays is not feasible. In such situations, the UV Blaster will come in handy, clarified the Ministry of Defence. The Ministry further stated that the UV Blaster Tower developed by the DRDO would prove effective at crowded locations like airports, metro stations, shopping malls, hotels, etc. Earlier, by developing ventilators, labs and PPE kits, the DRDO has played a crucial role in the war against the Coronavirus.

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