Anti-government protests flare up in Sindh province of Pakistan

Karachi: Strong protests have erupted in the Sindh Province of Pakistan against the decision of the Imran Khan government to acquire two islands in the Sindh province. Since the last two days, thousands of people have started strong protests in Karachi, the capital city of the Sindh province. The protestors accused that China was behind the decision of the Pakistan government and demanded that the decision be withdrawn. The groups demanding an ‘independent Balochistan’ also supported these protests of the Sindhi people.

Anti-government protests flare up in Sindh province of PakistanAt the beginning of the month, the Pakistan government announced an important decision regarding Dingi and Bhandar Islands in the Sindh Province. Imran government announced that it was detaching these islands from the Sindh province and taking them under direct government control. The Pakistan government clarified that this action was being taken for the development of these two islands. But the political parties, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), which dominates the Sindh province, along with Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and Sindh Tarakki Pasand Party (STPP) had criticised the decision of the Pakistan government. These parties accused the Pakistan government of repeatedly exploiting the people of Sindh province by using matters without any basis.

The STPP started protests against the government’s decision in the Sindh province from Monday. Thousands of Sindhi people participated in the demonstrations held from Malir area to Governor house in Karachi. Political leaders, litterateurs, authors, poets, along with ordinary people, participated in the demonstrations. Slogans like ‘Imran Khan government’s decision banishing the Sindhi people will not be acceptable’ were chanted during the protests. Criticism was made that under the pretext of development, the government intends to destroy the Dingi and Bhandar Islands, displacing a minimum of 800,000 people.

A serious allegation is gaining ground that China is behind the Pakistan government’s decision. The local political parties are claiming that it is a Chinese conspiracy to take over the islands in the Sindh province. It is being said that China will take over the islands under the disguise of development. Meanwhile, massive protests are being planned against Prime Minister Imran Khan in the next few days. All the anti-government groups have appealed to the people to join the protests. Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtun people will be participating in the demonstrations and appeals are being made to the people from Pakistan occupied Kashmir to join the protests.

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