Ahead of Trump and Kim Jong-Un’s meet, US holds secret talks with North Korea, with initiative from CIA and its former chief Mike Pompeo

Third World WarWashington: It is revealed that a confidential meeting between the United States and North Korea has been held against the background of the scheduled historic meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korea Dictator ‘Kim Jong Un’. The United States media have published the information about the meeting and it is claimed that this is due to the initiative taken by the CIA and its Former Chief Mike Pompeo.


Last month, US President Donald Trump had accepted the proposal from the North Korean Dictator for detailed discussions about the nuclear program issue. The United States news channel, CNN reported that a team under the leadership of Former CIA Chief Mike Pompeo is in discussion with the North Korean officials. The report claimed that this meeting was held in a country other than the United States and North Korea. There is a possibility of direct talks between Trump and Kim Jong Un at the end of May or beginning of June and the efforts are on to finalise the location for this meeting.

North Korea has insisted that the meeting should be held in its capital, Pyongyang. But the United States is not willing to take that risk and has expressed willingness for a third country. As per sources, ‘Ulaanbaatar’, the capital of Mongolia also featured in the talks between the US and North Korean officials, as a possible location. Although, Pompeo has been appointed as the Secretary of the US Department of State, the US Congress has not still endorsed the appointment.

The CIA has taken initiative for talks with North Korea keeping in view Mike Pompeo’s tenure as the CIA Chief and his status with President Trump as a trusted advisor. The United States media has claimed that the discussions with North Korea are happening through  intelligence back-channels  available with North Korea. The news said that Pompeo will take charge of future discussions once his appointment is confirmed and the State Department will manage all the arrangements.

The information has surfaced that Kim Jong Un, who has given the proposal for a one-on-one discussion with Trump has informed the US administration that North Korea is prepared for nuclear disarmament in the Korean region. Therefore, there are indications that there is an increased possibility of the talks between President Trump and the North Korean Dictator to be successful. At the same time, the US analysts claim that it is the approach of President Trump’s policy which is responsible for the sobering down of an aggressive country like North Korea.

Gigantic US aircraft carriers are patrolling the ‘South China Sea’ and are passing close to the Chinese islands. The Chinese navy is also replying to these US actions. Therefore, concerns are being expressed that a conflict might spark in this region at any time. Some people have claimed that this diplomacy of President Trump to hold discussions with Kim Jong-un is in order to distance China from a close ally like North Korea, in the current scenario.

In spite of this, talks about backfiring of President Trump’s efforts still continue, in view of ‘Un’s whimsical nature’.

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