If Israel crosses “Red Line”, next attack will be on its heart, threatens Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah

Third World WarBeirut: Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah warned, “A new series of conflict has been initiated last week by firing 55 rockets from Syria on Israel’s Golan Hills region. But if Israel crosses the ‘Red Line’ with any more attacks on Syria, we will directly hit at the heart of Israel instead of Golan’. Nasrallah has tried to further incite Israel with his statement that the ineffectiveness of Israel’s air defence system was exposed by the 55 rocket attacks carried out on the Israeli posts.


There were repercussions in Syria following President Donald Trump’s decision about the United States’ withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal last week. Israel had expressed concerns that the Iranian military movements in Syria had increased, posing a threat to the Israeli security. Israel also carried out attacks on the Iranian locations. Following this, on 10th of May, there were reports of 20 rockets being fired from Syria into the Golan Hills region of Israel.

israel, syria, hezbollah, iran, hezbollah chief, golan hillsThis Syrian incitement was strongly replied to by the Israeli military. Israeli military carried out attacks on around 70 Iranian locations as well as on locations of those supporting Iran in Syria. The Iranian military bases, arms depots, office of the Iranian intelligence department and some other locations were destroyed in these attacks. But the details of the rocket attacks on the Israeli military posts, previous to these Israeli attacks, have come to light only through Nasrallah’s claims in the videotape.

55 missiles were fired into the Golan Hills area of Israel on 10th of May. Nasrallah said that these missiles proved the ineffectiveness of the Israeli air defence system.

The Party which was in favour of the Hezbollah has been elected to power in Lebanon which means that Lebanon is now directly controlled by Nasrallah. On this background, the Hezbollah Chief whose stature has grown immensely lashed out at Israel for the attacks on Syria in his speech from a bunker in the capital city of Beirut. He also said that the Israeli claims about the activities in Syria are false. Nasrallah said that the Israeli attacks in Syria did not cause any major damage.

Hezbollah chief also accused Israel of falsely reporting about attacks from Syria on Israel. ‘The number of missiles that hit Golan Hills in Israel was 55 and not 20. The Israeli air defence system proved to be ineffective and therefore Israel had to use the Patriot missiles,’ claimed Nasrallah. But Nasrallah did not name the attackers who carried out the attacks from Syria. Saying some of the missiles launched from Syria were capable of reaching the Israeli cities of Safed and Tiberias, Nasrallah warned that these missiles could also hit the Israeli cities that were further away from the border.

‘Israel had threatened to chop off the hands of anyone who dared touch the Golan Hills. But these threats have been proved to be hollow after the attacks last week. There is no substance in the Israeli threats, so it is best that everybody ignores them. There is no bigger coward than Israel, when it comes to war,’ incited the Hezbollah chief.

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