7 important pacts signed with Kenya during Indian prime ministerial tour

Nairobi (News Agency) – The Indian Ocean conjoins India and Kenya with each other and marine security is the common profitable point for both these nations. Hence, the marine security stands important in the defence co-operation of both the countries, clarified Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is on Kenya tour.


India and Kenya signed 7 important pacts on Monday. This includes defence related co-operation agreement as well. At that time Prime Minister Modi appealed that all the countries having trust on humanity should unite to put an end to terrorism.

Kenya was the last place in the African tour of Prime Minister Modi. Prime Minister Modi received a warm welcome after reaching Kenya on the Sunday night. Later on discussions were held between the President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta and Prime Minister Modi.

Post the bilateral discussions India and Kenya signed 7 important agreements. PM Modi gave an assurance of helping Kenya by all means. Defence co-operation is an important support in the co-operations between both the countries, clarified the Prime Minister while addressing the media.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has also been signed in relation to the defence co-operation between both the countries which will facilitate India to exchange confidential information, training, supply of defence equipments with Kenya.

Also, the marine security has been stressed in this defence co-operation. India is going to increase its co-operation with Kenya in terms of actions against Cyber security, Drugs and Human trafficking.

Terrorism and extremism are the two common challenges before both the nations and thus the anti-terror co-opertaion with Kenya will be made even more stronger, informed the Prime Minister.

Terrorism is not the only question before these two countries but a challenge before the whole world. PM Modi further added that to completely destroy the anti-human strengths all the countries from the world having faith on humanity should unite together, only then terrorism will come to an end.

While Pakistan is paying condolences to the terrorist commander Burhan Wani who was killed by the Jammu & Kashmir security forces, the stand taken by Prime Minister Modi against terrorism in Kenya proves note worthy.

The Prime minister also announced a loan assistance of 4 crores and 49 lakhs dollars to the small and medium scale industries in Kenya. He also assured of facilitating cheaper health facilities to Kenya. Also, an announcement of setting up a Cancer hospital in Kenya was made at the same time.

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