WHO warning to India

New Delhi: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has praised the Indian move to impose a lockdown across the country. At the same time, the WHO has also warned that if other necessary measures are not implemented along with the 21-day lockdown, there is a risk of Coronavirus returning in the future and it will be difficult to contain the epidemic at that time.


The Indian government has initiated the measures, at a time, when the pandemic is still in the early phases in the country. Two days ago, the government imposed a total lockdown across the country. WHO said that the measures initiated by the Indian government, in the initial phases of the pandemic, have to be appreciated. This will help in bringing the crisis under control before it attains dangerous proportions. It is necessary to finish the Coronavirus before it spreads. These steps become very important in that respect. The citizens have stopped leaving their homes. The people of India also deserve appreciation for this.

The WHO said ‘But the Coronavirus challenge will not end only with the lockdown. India is a large country with a huge population. Therefore, this crisis will not end with a single measure. More comprehensive measures are necessary along with the lockdown. A system to locate and reach the Coronavirus patients has to be developed. The capacity to isolate and treat these patients has to be increased. Some other safety measures also may be necessary. Otherwise, it is difficult to expel Coronavirus from the country.’

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