US will not trade with the EU, if an appropriate response isn’t received, warns President Trump

Third World WarWashington: The European Union has taken undue advantage of the United States over last many decades and henceforth, this will not be tolerated. If there in no appropriate response from the European Union, United States will stop its trade with them , warned US President, Donald Trump. The main countries of the European Union, Germany and France seem to have conducted meetings with the UK, in view of President Trump’s warning. This indicates a possible trade war between the United States and the European Union in the near future.


President Trump targeted the European Union while addressing meeting of farmers at Michigan. ‘The United States has taken a stand of conflict against a large group like the European Union and China. Trading United States products in the European Union is becoming a very difficult proposition. European Union may sound like a very nice title, but it has actually been formed to take undue advantage of the United States,’ alleged President Trump.

us, eu, trade, donald trumpTrump also stated that the European Union has been clearly told that these tactics of taking undue advantage will not be tolerated in future. President Trump warned that the days of (the European Union) taking undue advantage of the United States are over, and now the United States wants an open market in the Union. President Trump took an aggressive stance saying, ‘Thinking about the long term, this will benefit the United States people and if the European Union does not make the market free, United States will suspend trade with the European Union.’

During the speech at Michigan, the US President also mentioned China and Japan but clarified that the leaders of these countries will not be held responsible for taking undue advantage of the United States. Donald Trump alleged that it was the former US President and the leaders who implemented incorrect decisions and policies.

The US President’s warning sends out signals of a trade war between the United States and the European Union. While imposing sanctions against China in the month of March, Trump had also warned of an action against the European countries. The European countries and the allies were excluded for a certain period, after discussions. This period is expiring soon and there is no appropriate response from Europe, accused Trump.

The leaders of Germany and France, the main countries in the European Union recently visited the United States. During their visits, they had discussions about the trade sanctions with the US President. It is evident from the firm stance of President Trump in the Michigan meeting, that there was no substantial outcome from these discussions.

President Trump had issued a stern warning to the European Union that if the Union imposed a tax against the United States, then a tax of 25% will be imposed on the cars imported from Europe. At that time, President Trump had reiterated that Europe was meting out an unfair treatment to the United States on the trade issues and had assured that he had come to power to protect the interests of the United States’ working community and that this stance will remain unchanged.

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