Iran has the rights to make changes to the nuclear deal, given the sanctions imposed by the United States; claims Russia

Third World WarMoscow/Tehran: The Russian Foreign Minister claimed that Iran has been given the right by the agreement to change or disregard some of the terms of the deal, over a certain period. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that if the other countries contributing to the agreement, failed to implement the provisions of the agreement, Iran can also stop implementation of the agreement. The statement of the Russian Foreign Minister seems to be open Russian support, for Iranian violation of the nuclear deal.

nuclear deal, iran, lavrovIranian President Hassan Rouhani warned France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and China that Iran was preparing to scrap the nuclear deal and starting Uranium enrichment. The Iranian President also had appealed to the European countries along with Russia and China to bail out the Iranian banking and oil sector, going through a crisis, because of the US sanctions. Rouhani had issued a stern warning that Iran will join the nuclear deal, once again, if the demands are met, otherwise will not hesitate to violate the nuclear deal.

Russia, who expressed displeasure initially has taken a supportive stance now. The Russian minister blamed the United States for the current situation. The statement issued by Lavrov, following the discussion with his Chinese counterpart, is considered to be a part of the same support. Russian officials other than Lavrov, also have started indicating Iran has the right to violate the nuclear deal.

Vladimir Ermakov from the Russian foreign ministry said that the Uranium stocks can be used in making nuclear weapons. ‘Because of the US sanctions, it has become impossible for Iran, to export heavy water and Uranium, as per the provisions of the nuclear deal. Therefore, Iran could generate an additional stock of enriched Uranium. The United States is responsible for this additional stock of enriched Uranium.’ The Russian officials have also indicated that Iran can initiate manufacture of nuclear weapons with this increased stock of enriched Uranium.

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