US should not provide arms to Taiwan, warns China

Beijing : China’s Ministry of Foreign affairs has warned the US that if they expect China’s co-operation, they should respect the ‘One China Policy’ and stop providing weapons to Taiwan. Two days ago, the news about US President Donald Trump seriously thinking of supplying arms to Taiwan was published. It seems that against this background, China’s Foreign Ministry has issued this warning. Meanwhile, even as China has issued this warning, it is claimed that two US destroyers have reached Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Defense Minister Feng Shih-Kuan had, last week expressed concern about the threat posed by China to their nation’s security. However, the Defense Minister had claimed in the Parliament that the military of Taiwan is ready to counter China’s aggressiveness and it also possess missiles having the capacity of directly attacking China. Kuan also had stated that Taiwan expects more defense related assistance from the US.

After this appeal was made by the Defense Minister of Taiwan, a news was published regarding the US seriously thinking over providing weapons to Taiwan. The moves regarding this were ongoing while the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson’s China visit was on. However, China did not respond about this while Tillerson’s visit was ongoing. China’s Foreign Ministry expressed their discontent over the US move to equip Taiwan with arms, after the US Secretary of State returned home on Sunday.

Hua Chunying, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson criticized the US in stern words stating, ‘China clearly opposes the sale of weapons by the US to Taiwan. The US should be conscious of the serious consequences of selling weapons to Taiwan. If the US-China relations are to be safeguarded and peace and stability are to be maintained in Taiwan, the US should not equip Taiwan with weapons.’ China had earlier as well, taken a similar aggressive stand against Taiwan. China has been consistently stating that Taiwan is a part of China only and it shall be merged into China.

Since past few years, the political stand of the US vis-a-vis Taiwan, had been so as to not hurt China. However, going against this stand last month, the US president Trump had a discussion with the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-Wen. During the discussions, President Trump, having stated that the US shall back Taiwan, had shaken the ‘One China Policy’.

Later, the news of the decision taken by the Trump administration of supplying weapons on a large scale to Taiwan, was published in the US media. Also, according to the information published in a leading British daily, two US destroyers have reached Taiwan. The said destroyers of ‘Oliver Hazard Perry’ class, retired from the US Navy, have been commissioned in the Taiwanese Navy and will begin operations for the Taiwanese navy from the month of May. These destroyers are equipped with aircraft intercepting guns and missiles.

Apart from this, Taiwan has requested advanced fighter planes from the US. ‘F-16’ fighter planes of US origin are already a part of Taiwan’s Air force. However, Taiwan has now requested advanced ‘F-35B’ fighter planes from the US and it is said that discussion between the leaders of the two nations on this matter is possible very soon. There are clear hints that President Trump is taking these steps, after giving due consideration to the possible adverse reaction from China in this matter. It is also evident that this has indeed increased the pressure on China.

 Taiwan to build Submarine

Against the background of the growing threats from China, Taiwan has begun the construction of submarine. ‘This is a historical feat’, said Tsai Ing-Wen, the President of Taiwan.

There are four submarines in Taiwan’s naval fleet, out of which, two of the US origin are 60 years old. These two submarines are used only for training. So, there are only two submarines with Taiwan’s Navy, equipped in case conflict ignites in East Asia. Based on this background, Taiwan has started the construction of a new submarine and the same will possibly enhance Taiwan’s naval capabilities to a great extent.

Meanwhile, last month Taiwan had accused China’s ‘Liaoning’ Aircraft carrier warship to have infiltrated into their maritime territory. Taiwan had announced to increase their military capacity to face such threats from China.


 China aims 1500 missiles towards Taiwan

Chinese military has focussed nearly 1500 ‘Dongfeng 16’ (DF-16) missiles towards Taiwan. However, Taiwan is not afraid of these Chinese missiles and Taiwan possess sufficient missiles to retaliate the said Chinese missiles, claims Taiwan’s Defense Minister ‘Feng’.

These Chinese missiles can target the region from Japan to Philippines. China had, in past as well, focussed missiles towards Taiwan. However now it seems that China is using these missiles to increase the pressure on Taiwan.

However, the US had clarified earlier that the US military will intervene to protect Taiwan, in case China attacks Taiwan. It is also evident that the support for Taiwan from the nations in this region, who are against China, is also increasing.


 Japan-Taiwan co-operation will prove valuable 

President of Taiwan claims

Taiwan government will respond to the positive and assistive approach shown by Japan towards co-operation with Taiwan. The growing co-operation between the two nations will prove to be valuable in coming times, claimed Tsai Ing-Wen, President of Taiwan. Senior leaders of the Japanese Parliament are on a visit to Taiwan. The President of Taiwan made this announcement against this background. China is likely to react to this co-operation between Japan and Taiwan.

Senior Leader of Japan’s ‘Liberal Democratic Party’, Keisuke Suzuki recently visited Taiwan. During this visit, Suzuki met the President of Taiwan Tsai and held discussions to improve the financial and commercial co-operation between the two nations. Earlier, the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe had met Tsai, the President of Taiwan and held discussions to increase the co-operation between the two nations.

Meanwhile, China has warned that Taiwan is a part of their mainland and other nations should not independently establish political or military relations with the government of Taiwan.

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