US-Iran engaged in indirect diplomacy with mediators conveying messages about Iran nuclear deal: US NSA Jake Sullivan

Washington/Tehran: – Iran has once again warned that if the United States is serious about signing a nuclear deal with Iran, it should first withdraw all the sanctions imposed against Iran and abide by the 2015 nuclear deal. Whereas, the US state department said that if Iran feels that the United States will enter into a nuclear deal, it is a wrong notion without any corrective measures from Iran. Iran has recorded its reaction to this statement. While this exchange of retorts is happening between the United States and Iran, former Secretary of energy warned that there are only 10 weeks available for a serious discussion on Iran’s nuclear deal, as elections will be held in Iran after that.   


US National Security Advisor (NSA) Jake Sullivan shared important information that indirect talks have already started with Iran regarding the nuclear deal. The talks are being held through European and other mediators. Sullivan claimed that the US stand is being conveyed to Iran through this channel. The United States and Iran seem to be attracting the media’s attention by issuing warnings to each other while the indirect talks are being held. Ned Price, the US department of state spokesman, warned that Iran should not have any misconceptions regarding the nuclear deal.   

Ned Price warned that the United States would not participate in the nuclear deal unless Iran abides by the 2015 nuclear deal. Iran should not be under the wrong impression that it will not have to accept any conditions to sign a nuclear deal. Iran will have to initiate steps in the right direction. A reaction in reply to this warning has been received from the Iranian foreign department.   

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman informed about the letter written by Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif to Josef Barrel, the chief of foreign policy in the European Union. The Iranian Foreign Minister has clearly listed out the Iranian expectations from the nuclear deal. Former US President Donald Trump had violated the deal by withdrawing from it. The Iranian Foreign Minister has demanded in the letter that if the United States is serious regarding the deal, it should first correct the mistake and take steps to abide by the nuclear deal. It had been accepted in the 2015 nuclear deal that the sanctions against Iran will be withdrawn. Iran is referring to that. The Iranian stand is that a nuclear deal is not possible unless sanctions are withdrawn. Whereas, it is accused that Iran is carrying out Uranium enrichment beyond permissible limits prescribed in the nuclear deal. The United States is demanding that Iran should first stop the process. Therefore, both Iran and the United States are not willing to compromise on the nuclear deal.   

Although both the countries are making all these claims, the US NSA has given the whole issue an all-new direction, informing that indirect talks have already started regarding the nuclear deal. Indications are that the future of the nuclear deal will depend on the outcome of these talks. One of the important players in the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, former Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz claimed that there are only 10 weeks available for any serious discussions on Iran’s fresh nuclear deal.

Elections are scheduled to be held in Iran in 10 weeks. Moreover, Moniz claimed that if the agreement is not reached before that, fresh negotiations will have to be held with the new government.   

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