President Biden’s policies create situation of anarchy at the US-Mexico, opposition slams 


Washington: – The opposition has criticised that anarchy like situation has been created on the US-Mexico border in view of the decisions taken by President Biden. Senior Senator Lindsay Graham. Warned that the terrorists will have an open playing field due to the fragile security arrangements on the border. Whereas, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned that Biden’s policies leave behind even former President Barack Obama’s policies.   


Former President Donald Trump had started the process of deporting illegal immigrants during his tenure. Many aggressive decisions had been taken through the medium of US state department, internal security department and judiciary department for this purpose. Reports showed a significant decline in the number of illegal immigrants and the crime rate given Trump’s policies. But now, new President Biden and the Democrat party, who has a majority in the US Congress, has stepped up the actions to reverse the decisions taken by former President Donald Trump.   

A marked increase in the immigrant influx into the United States has been observed due to these actions. In February, 100,000 immigrants tried entering into the United States. Local agencies informed that this is an increase of 28% as compared to January. It has been revealed that there were nearly 9,000 minor children, not accompanied by parents, among them. Although many people attempting intrusion have been sent back, large crowds are said to be dashing against the border.   


The local officials and agencies are expressing regret that the facilities are not sufficient to handle these crowds in view of the Coronavirus pandemic. The administrations in the border states also have started singing a tune against the Biden administration and have blamed that the systems are under immense stress. The Republican party members in the US Congress have made a persistent demand that the Biden administration accepts that the immigrant influx through the border is a threat and takes appropriate measures.   

Along with the Republican party, even the Mexico government has expressed resentment over President Biden’s policies. The Mexico government accused that President Biden’s policies are strengthening the gangs involved in human trafficking and narcotics smuggling. Mexican President Lopez Obrador pointed out that the immigrants coming into the United States from the central American countries refer to President Biden as ‘Migrant President’. 

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