US has become a cesspool of humanity: Former President Donald Trump

Washington – Former US President Donald Trump, while speaking on illegal immigrants from the Mexican border, severely criticised the administration and said, ‘Millions of illegal immigrants are entering the United States and there are no mechanisms to regulate or prevent them. These illegal immigrants are free to go anywhere or do wherever they want. The United States is rapidly turning into a cesspool of humanity. Murderers, drug traffickers and criminals are a part of the massive influx of immigrants.’ Trump termed the emerging situation of illegal immigrants pouring into US from the Mexico border as a crisis.


US, Donald Trump, illegal immigrants, Immigrant policyAfter taking charge, President Biden took series of decisions to relaxes regulations benefitting the illegal immigrants. Biden administration and Democrat Party adopted a lenient stance and further scrapped Trump’s policies on illegal immigrants. In the last few months, millions of immigrants have intruded into the United States, leading to an emergency in the border states. However, instead of resolving the issue, the Biden administration is further relaxing the rules enabling the immigrants to find their way into the US.

Biden had overturned most of the decisions taken during Trump’s tenure to stop illegal immigration. At the same time, a new bill had been introduced in US Congress to grant citizenship to more than one million illegal immigrants living in the United States. But a few days ago, the US Supreme Court jolted the Biden administration and ordered President Biden to re-implement Trump’s ‘Stay in Mexico’ policy. Therefore, it clearly shows that the Biden administration has failed miserably on the immigrant issue. In the last few days, thousands of immigrants, most Haitians, have flocked to the Del Rio area of Texas. US, Donald Trump, illegal immigrants, Immigrant policyThe Biden administration has closed checkpoints in the area, providing free access to the immigrants. The Biden administration is in big trouble as information and photographs regarding the influx have surfaced in the media. Members of the Republican party, including Trump, have severely criticised Biden on this issue. Previously, Trump had highlighted and criticised a tsunami of illegal immigrants hitting the US-Mexico border.

Trump has accused the US mainstream media of turning a blind eye to a huge influx of immigrants from Haiti and other African countries. The former President also claimed that the refugee problem was a border issue and the biggest crisis faced by the country. The Governor of Texas has already declared a state of emergency due to the growing number of illegal immigrants.

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