US, France and UK attack Syria

Third World WarWashington: The United States, France and UK attacked Syria by firing more than hundred missiles on Saturday, at dawn. US President Donald Trump announced and claimed triumphantly that the attacks had been successfully executed.


“These nuclear attacks were essential to teach Syria a lesson, as scores lives of its own innocent citizens and kids were being taken away. By backing the Syrian regime of Assad, Iran and Russia must realise that they’re supporting those, who are targeting innocent citizens and kids.”, said President Donald Trump

Syrian district of Douma was struck with a chemical attack on last Saturday. Syria’s Assad regime being held responsible for this attack will be our target, US had earlier warned. US won’t consider even Russia’s opposition against this attack, President Trump claimed. United States will attack Syria along with UK and France.

President Trump gave example of the chemical attacks that took place in Syria about a year ago, while supporting his claims. US had bombed Syria with 58 missiles after this attack. The attack had crippled about a 20% of the Syrian Airforce. ‘With the attack in Douma on Saturday, US, UK and France have destroyed the ability of the Assad regime to carry out any more chemical attacks’, claimed President Trump.

The purpose of this mission has been accomplished, such an attack was going to be carried out only once. But incase of any chemical attacks that take place in Syria in the future, the action taken will be as strict as this one, claimed President Trump. He also said that, this attack was also a strong message to nations like Russia and Iran, who are backing the Syrian regime.

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