US bombers and Israeli aircraft carry out patrolling to warn Iran

Jerusalem/Washington: US B-52 nuclear weapon carrying bombers and Israeli fighter jets recently conducted air surveillance in the Gulf region. The US military clarified that this patrolling was to reassure that the United States is committed to the security and if there were any attacks carried out against the United States allies. Although there is no direct mention, the international media is claiming that this was a warning issued by the US military to Iran, which is speaking the language of destroying the Israeli cities of Haifa and Tel Aviv.


US bombers and Israeli aircraft carry out patrolling to warn IranTwo B-52 bombers, capable of carrying nuclear weapons and missiles and capable of long flights, recently reached the Gulf. Eight Israeli F-15 fighter jets joined the B-52 bombers, which left from the Minot air base in North Dakota when the bombers reached the Mediterranean Sea. The Israeli military published photographs of the flight. The Israel military said, ‘This air surveillance is critical from the point of view of the security of Israel, as well as the Gulf airspace, and this mission is a part of cooperation with the United States.’

Like Israel, the US military also posted the air surveillance information and reassured that the United States is committed to the security of its allies in the Gulf. Simultaneously, the US military said that this surveillance was necessary to remind the countries, posing a threat to the US allies from the Gulf, of this cooperation. After crossing the Israeli airspace, fighter jets from Saudi Arabia and Qatar joined the US bombers. But photographs of this have not been published. The details as to where the US bombers were deployed have not been released.

US bombers and Israeli aircraft carry out patrolling to warn IranThis is the fifth major deployment of the B-52 bombers in the Gulf in the last four months. This is the second deployment in the Biden administration. In contrast, former President Donald Trump had deployed the B-52 bombers thrice in the Gulf. Former President Trump had announced that the bomber deployment was to retaliate against the Iranian aggression in the Persian Gulf. But the Biden administration avoided the mention of Iran during both the deployments.

Meanwhile, two days ago, Iranian Defence Minister Amir Hatami had threatened Israel. Hatami had threatened that the Blue Print of the attack on Israel is ready, and the final instructions from the Iranian supremo, Ayatollah Khamenei, are awaited. Hatami had threatened that on receiving instructions from Ayatollah Khamenei, Israeli cities of Haifa and Tel Aviv would be destroyed. The deployment of B-52 bombers in the Gulf increases against the background of the Iranian threat.

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