United States and European Union increase cooperation with Taiwan

Washington/Brussels/Taipei: – China had warned that no foreign interference would be tolerated in the Taiwan issue. But the United States and European Union showed that they do not pay any heed to the monopolistic Chinese claim on the neighbouring country. The United States despatched 2.5 million doses of the Corona vaccine to Taiwan. This number is triple the number announced by the United States. The European Union has included Taiwan and China in the list of countries omitted from the travel ban. This list also has the Taiwanese flag.  


Recently, the G-7 summit held in London and NATO meeting in Brussels adopted a stand against China over Coronavirus origin, Taiwan, and the Indo-Pacific activities. During the meetings, the democratic countries showered criticism of Chinese monopolistic attitudes and declared support for Taiwan. Infuriated by the criticism, China issued a warning to the western countries with intrusion into the Taiwanese airspace by 28 Chinese airplanes. Furthermore, China had threatened that Taiwan is a sovereign Chinese territory and no foreign interference will be tolerated.   

But the United States demonstrated that it does not pay any heed to the Chinese threat with the supply of Corona vaccine. The aircraft carrying 2.5 million doses of the Corona vaccine reached Taiwan on Sunday. The United States had promised a supply of 0.75 million doses of the Corona vaccine to Taiwan. But the United States has despatched three times the promised number, of vaccine doses, to Taiwan. The Taiwanese foreign ministry thanked the United States for its timely help during the crisis. The Taiwanese foreign ministry also said that the friendships between the two countries have strengthened this goodwill gesture.   

Saying ‘The United States is not making this supply on any political or economic conditions. There are no ulterior motives behind this vaccine supply. We are supplying these vaccines only to try and save human lives.’, the United States targeted the Chinese vaccine diplomacy. Before this, China had made preparations to supply vaccines to Taiwan, but Taiwan refused the assistance as it did not trust the Chinese vaccines.  

China lashed out at this US aid to Taiwan. Zhao Lijiang, the spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry, criticised, ‘Under the pretext of supply of vaccines, the United States should not attempt any political alterations. At the same time, they should refrain from interfering in internal Chinese matters.  

The European Council made a big announcement. The Union relaxed the travel ban imposed given the Coronavirus pandemic. Accordingly, the European Union allowed travel from 17 countries and administrative regions. These include the names and flags of Taiwan and China. Furthermore, two days ago, members of the European Union proposed increasing investments in Taiwan. These members suggested that, like the United States, the European Union also should increase investments in Taiwan.   

Meanwhile, China has already warned that the United States has crossed the Red Line in the Taiwanese matter. Now there is an addition to the Chinese concerns, with the moves started by the European Union to increase cooperation with Taiwan, following the footsteps of the United States.   

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