Pacific countries should establish ties with Taiwan, appeal the US

Third World WarCanberra: The US state department warned ‘Countries in the Pacific region should establish friendly ties with Taiwan. These countries should not back out from cooperation with Taiwan, buckling under Chinese pressures. This is a Chinese conspiracy to isolate Taiwan at the international level. These Chinese activities can spark conflict in the Pacific region.’ At the same time, a draft demanding sanctions against China was presented in the US Senate, given the illegal Chinese activities in the South and the East China Sea.


Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Patrick Murphy is on a three-day visit to Australia. After meeting the newly elected Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Murphy expressed serious concern regarding the Chinese interference in the smaller countries in the Pacific region. Murphy reminded ‘The Chinese threat that no country should establish any relations with Taiwan, is becoming dangerous for the sector.’

pacific, taiwan, usMurphy accused ‘There was stability and prosperity in the Pacific region for the last 40 years, because of Taiwanese existence. The support given by the countries in the region to Taiwan also increased the importance of democracy. But since the last few years, China is trying to weaken the support of these countries, to Taiwan and trying to change the geography of the region.’ Murphy appealed that the countries in the Pacific region, supporting democracy should not bow to the Chinese pressures to betray a partner country, like Taiwan.

Murphy warned, at the same time, if the countries in the Pacific region allow the Chinese interference, the tension and possibility of conflict in the region will increase. Murphy did not name any country. But it is said that Murphy was targeting the political interference and military movements, in the small countries Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea, neighbouring Australia. Murphy proceeded on a visit to Papua New Guinea to explain the US position regarding China.

While a senior official from the US Department of State is trying to convince the countries in the Pacific region to increase cooperation with Taiwan, an important draft was presented in the US Senate. Marco Rubio from the ruling Republican party and Democrat Ben Cardin, in a draft submitted to the US Senate, have demanded sanctions against the illegal Chinese activities in the South and the East China Sea.

Rubio has demanded in the draft ‘The illegal Chinese activities in this region are threatening the security of the South East Asian countries and the US trade. This violation of international marine transport rights is deplorable and cannot be ignored. The illegal Chinese activities should be held responsible for the threat to the US trade and security of the countries in south-east Asia and sanctions should be imposed.’ If the US Senate passes the draft, all the Chinese officials connected with the South China Sea will be denied US visa. This increases the importance of the draft presented in the Senate.

Meanwhile, the United States has increased marine patrolling in the South China Sea region. Only two days ago, a US warship entered the Taiwanese waters passing through the South China Sea. Taiwan welcomed the and China criticised the patrolling. Following that, Taiwan organised the biggest naval exercises in its marine region. 22 destroyers and 22 fighter jets participated in the exercises.

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