China will suffer enormous casualties if it attacked Taiwan, claim international analysts

Third World WarTaipei: Upset over the military cooperation between the United States and Taiwan, China might attack Taiwan. The intrusion of the Chinese warships and aircraft in the Taiwanese region has been on the rise. Chinese military officials have been threatening to take over Taiwan. However, a US analyst has warned that if China ventures into it, the Chinese military will have to bear significant losses in the conflict that will ensue.


Ian Easton, a senior analyst with the Project 2049 institute who closely follows the developments in Central Asia and Asia Pacific Region in one of his books, issued this warning to China regarding Taiwan. China leads Taiwan, by a distance, on the military front. China has the biggest army in the world and has 33 warships, 1500 aircraft and six thousand tanks. Notably, Easton drew attention to the discrepancy that Taiwan has four destroyers, 350 fighter jets and 800 tanks as compared to China.

china, taiwan, international analystsXi Jinping has increased the expenditure on the military after taking over the reins of China and that China should take over Taiwan based on this military might demand Chinese analysts and military officials. The Chinese leaders had warned that this military action was necessary to jolt the supporters of independence, growing in numbers in Taiwan. Easton claimed that the Chinese media have an essential role in this Chinese aggression against Taiwan. However, Easton warned that an attack on Taiwan might cost dearly to China.

Although China has the biggest army, the Taiwanese military is more trained than the Chinese. In his book, ‘The Chinese Invasion Threat’, Easton highlighted that US analysts had trained the Taiwanese military. Although Taiwan is surrounded by water from all four sides, it will be difficult for China, to take it over with military action.

China is trying to acquire Taiwan for the last seven decades. China has devised the ‘Joint Island Attack Campaign’ policy for this purpose. Under this campaign, China plans to carry out airstrikes on seaports, airports and other vital locations, in Taiwan. Easton and Siddharth Kaushal from the ‘Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies’ said that the Chinese plan is to devastate the Taiwanese military and then invade the country.

Easton said that the Chinese officials feel that it is easy to gain control over Taiwan. However, he further claims that it is challenging. The day Chinese soldiers set foot on the Taiwanese soil, the Chinese military will have to face substantial loss of lives. The Taiwanese capital and the main cities are in the mountains and the Taiwanese military better equipped to fight in these regions. The Chinese military may have to face massive casualties. At the same time, if China attacks Taiwan, the United States will enter the war, for the security of its ally. At the same time, there can be severe repercussions at the international level. Easton, as well as other international analysts, had claimed that this would isolate China at the international level. Therefore, Easton has suggested China avoid military action against Taiwan.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Easton had suggested that if China has to be defeated, the United States should announce Taiwan as a country. The US Indo-Pacific command also had mentioned Taiwan as an ally of the United States. The Taiwanese military officials attended the Indo-Pacific meet in the Hawaiian Islands, and the United States underlined the importance of the cooperation by displaying the flag of the Taiwan marines.

Chinese Liaoning sails through Taiwanese waters

The Taiwanese defence ministry accused that Chinese aircraft carrier, Liaoning sailed through the Taiwanese waters. The Taiwanese defence ministry further clarified that the warship was under the keen observation of the military. The incidents of Chinese destroyers and fighter jets intruding into the Taiwanese limits are intensifying.

china, taiwan, international analystsThe Taiwanese defence ministry declared that Liaoning and its fleet of five destroyers passed through Taiwanese waters on Tuesday. Further, the Taiwanese defence ministry accused that these warships intruded into the Taiwanese waters while passing through the South China Sea. Taiwan clarified that the movements of these Chinese warships are under keen surveillance by the intelligence agencies and the military.

China claims Taiwan to be its sovereign part. Therefore, as per China, there is nothing wrong in its warships sailing through the Taiwanese waters. However, Taiwan and the United States have raised strong objections to these aggressive Chinese activities. Before this, on June 11, Liaoning had sailed close to the Japanese marine limits.


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