US envoy to Russia to fly back home

Moscow: – US Ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, will soon be returning to the homeland. Russia has ordered the expulsion of the 10 US diplomats. Russian claimed that this action does not include Sullivan and he has only been advised to go to the homeland for discussions. Sullivan, who had initially refused to take the advice, has now decided to return to the United States. Sullivan returning to the United States, when the diplomatic conflict between the United States and Russia is intensifying, becomes a significant development.   


President Biden ordered to expel 10 Russian diplomats accusing Russia of cyberattacks on the United States and interference in the US elections. He also imposed certain sanctions against Russia. As expected, even Russia retaliated by expelling 10 US diplomats from the country.  

Before the Russian decision, President Biden held telephonic talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. At this time, Biden had proposed talks to Putin. Still, Russia decided to expel the US diplomats. But there are indications that the proposal for talks, in under consideration in Russia.   

John Sullivan was serving as the US Ambassador in Russia since former President Donald Trump was in power. Sullivan was retained as the US Ambassador to Russia, despite the change of guard in the United States.   

But Russia suggested that Sullivan return to his homeland for discussions after both the countries expelled each other’s diplomats. Sullivan had refused to comply. Sullivan had said that if the Russian President does not want me in Russia, he can take action to that effect.   

But Sullivan will soon be returning to homeland. Sullivan has not had the opportunity to talk to the new Biden administration. The United States said that this is the reason that he is being called back. Russia also has given similar reactions. Claims have also surfaced that President level talks are expected between the two countries, and Sullivan is going to the United States to prepare for the talks.   

Although the United States and Russia have expelled each other’s diplomats, they are not interested in festering the dispute. Especially, the Biden administration has given such indications. As per analysts in the United States, the US President being prepared to talk to the Russian President, even after condemning President Putin as a murderer, is proof enough.  

Analysts are also pointing out that the United States cannot afford a super-aggressive stand against Russia, while the United States is taking a stand against China. 

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