President of Nepal approves controversial map

New Delhi/Kathmandu: The controversial map showing Indian territories as a part of Nepal, has been approved even by the upper house of the Nepal parliament. Thereafter, the Nepalese President also signed the bill. Therefore, this map has been awarded a constitutional status. Only two days ago, India had delivered a message to Nepal that the process for approval of the map, started in the Nepal parliament, should be stopped to create a conducive atmosphere. But Nepal, ignoring the Indian message, went ahead and got the plan approved by the upper house of the parliament. As per analysts, the doors for talks with Nepal are being shut, because of the unilateral decisions taken by Nepal, at the behest of China.

President of Nepal approves controversial mapLast month, the Nepalese cabinet of ministers approved the controversial plan. India had objected to the plan. But the Nepalese government got the bill passed in the lower house, of the parliament, on Saturday. India had retorted that this was the artificial expansion of Nepal and there is no historical evidence for this claim. But it was clear that there were no favourable movements from the Nepal government. Nepal demonstrated this, once again, by getting the bill passed in the upper house of the parliament. As Nepal raised this issue after the Chinese intrusion in Ladakh, both the issues are looked at collectively. As per some analysts, Nepal is systematically intensifying the dispute under Chinese instructions.

President of Nepal approves controversial mapMeanwhile, General Purna Chandra Thapa, Chief of Nepal Military, along with the chief of armed Nepal police, visited the Indo-Nepal border. Nepal is building 100 posts on the Indo-Nepal border. Some of these posts are being built near the Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura regions. These are the Indian territories that have been included in the new controversial Nepal map. Out of these, Chief of Nepal Military, Purna Chandra Thapa visited the Kalapani area.

At this time, Chief of Nepal Military Purna Chandra Thapa inspected the post built at Changru and the road connecting the Vyas village, in the Darchula district near the Indian border. The Darchula region in Nepal is close to the Dharchula area in Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand. Chief of Nepal Military has visited this area for the first time. The border dispute between India and Nepal is over this Kalapani region. Therefore, this visit by the Chief of Nepal Military becomes significant.

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